Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Swimsuit Shopping Part 2

Yesterday, I did a blog post about the summer swimwear you need to be on the lookout for. We briefly talked about how to shop via your particular body type (whether you have a short or long torso, or wide hips). Today we will continue discussing how to shop for cute swimsuits for the following body types:
  • Small Bust
  • Large Bust
  • Soft Tummy
As stated before, I know it can be intimidating to shop for swimwear,  but hopefully you will use these tips to help ease the anxiety so you can look your best in time for summer.

Not everyone is blessed with a flat stomach or six pack! If you're still a work in progress don't shy away from the pool or beach because you think you need a bikini to look "sexy". Check out these swimwear options to camouflage your tummy all while looking hot. 

Swimwear for a Soft Tummy

Miraclesuit ruffle swimsuit
$220 -

Miraclesuit strapless swimsuit
$220 -

Miraclesuit swimwear
$195 -

$33 -

Being top heavy can be a blessing and a curse for some fashionistas. But don't get boggled down by stressing over the right swimwear. There are plenty options out there that will give you the proper coverage all while highlighting your great features. 

Swimwear for a Large Bust

North one piece swimsuit
$260 -

Ted Baker halter swimwear

Bikini swimwear
$75 -

Cleo by Panache bandeau bikini
$48 -

If you are lacking in the bust department, that's okay. You can get away with more risque swimwear because you can flaunt what you don't have!!!!! You can pull off daring plunge lines, extra padded bikinis, and bright colored swimwear.

Swimwear for a Small Bust

L Space l space swimsuit
$195 -

Scrunch bikini
$36 -

One piece swimsuit
$22 -

This is a bonus that is geared towards all body types. It takes the colorblocking trend and translates it to swimwear!

If you've been an Ali Fashion Sense reader for a while you've seen the colorblocking trend a time or two. This summer take colorblocking to your swimwear! Keep in mind that darker hues downplay your least favorite areas, while brights highlight your "show-stoppers!"

Colorblocking Swimwear

Tomas maier

Colorblock swimsuit

Adidas swimsuit

River Island sport swimwear
$23 -

River Island sport swimwear
$15 -

You officially have 52 days until summer officially starts (June 21, 2013). So you have plenty of time to score on the perfect swimwear to accentuate your beautiful body type. If you want to ramp up and get a hot summer body check out this 30 day fitness challenge that starts TODAY with the Atlanta - based trainer "Mr. Shut Up and Train" at: .  Good luck fashion sensors ;)


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