Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Instagram Roundup

I have a confession to make! My name is Alishia, and I'm addicted to Social Media! They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem lol. My husband says that I am a Social Media Addict because every time I'm on my phone I have Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram on display. Since I'm an avid Instagram scroller (I scroll and look at the people I'm followings pictures) I  thought it would be a good idea to give you a sneak peek into my Instagram world!

Check out my Instagram Roundup below from my past couple of months of fun.

This collage represents who I am in a nutshell. Some of the pictures in the collage you've seen before and some you haven't so I will give you a brief synopsis of what you are viewing! Starting from left to right, row by row.

1. The top left picture is a photo montage from my blog post "Ali Trend Alert: Ankle Cuffs." I have yet to purchase some but they are on my shopping "must have" list.

2. This picture is from another blog post "Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better: Forever 21 Inspiration Lookbook." This was my favorite outfit I came up with from the challenge.

3. This past weekend (May 18th to be exact), I was asked by a really close friend from college, Trumaine aka Trumaine Lamar to sing background vocals for him at the Atlanta Funk Fest. For those of my Ali Fashion Sense followers who don't know, my second love beyond fashion is singing!!! This picture shows a glimpse of the stage along with my "Artist" armband which gave myself along with the other artists/background singers/band members etc. backstage access.

4. The top right picture is a picture of one of my favorite old school throwbacks, "Before I Let Go" by Frankie Beverly and Maze. I was using this song as motivation for my workout at the gym last week. FYI: This song also holds special meaning to me because I used it for the "Father - Daughter Dance" at my wedding : ) Me and my dad were getting down! Don't believe me...just watch:

5. On Sunday, May 19th I was asked to do the "Call - To - Worship" at my church! The Call - To - Worship just gets the audience in the mind frame of worship. I was given the task to read Psalm 8: 1 - 9. So before reading it, I recited the lyrics to one of my favorite worship songs called "Indescribable" by Kierra Sheard (the daughter of Karen Clark - Sheard). This picture showcases the lyrics from the chorus of that song, which I used as a status on Facebook. I like the picture so much I later decided to make it an Instagram photo as well! If you get a chance read the lyrics...they are truly powerful!!!

6. The next picture is probably my favorite from this Instagram Roundup. It was my first time attempting to rock a turban! I was channeling my inner "June Ambrose" my fairy - fashion godmother (at least in my head lol). I used my cheetah print scarf (which you've seen on Ali's Fashion Sense a time or two) to create the turban. The earrings I picked up from beauty supply store in Maryland for under $5 (what a steal)!

7. I'm gonna call the next picture..."New York State of Mind" because I was rocking my husband's New York Yankees all black fitted. I chose to rep the picture in black and white to give it a different effect. Its the same picture 4x's (just in case you were wondering).

8. The next picture is a pic of another old school jam "Square Biz" by Teena Marie that I used during my hour long bike ride to keep me hype! SN: Lady T killed the rap in that song :)

9. You've seen this next picture from one of my more recent blog posts "African Prints." I loved the Africa earrings from this outfit which I found on Etsy.com for less than $20 ( I might have to put those on my shopping must have list also)!

10. The bottom left picture is of me along with the two other background singers (Jerome, in the glasses & Jenn) with my super duper talented brother Trumaine (pictured in the fedora hat). Check out one of his singles "Still" below. It is a masterpiece!!!

11. The next picture is a mash up that I used for Mother's Day to honor my fabulous mom. All the pics are from my wedding day! The top left is one of my favorites where the photographer caught a sentimental moment between my mom and I. The top right of her is a picture I took one day after church. She was looking too cute! The bottom is a picture of my two awesome parents, who are so supportive of me...and I'm forever grateful for the two of them. They've shaped me to be the woman I am today!

12. So, on May 1st I started a 30 Day Fitness Challenge to try to get right for the summer :) and I'm proud to say 20 days later I'm still going strong with the challenge. This picture is a picture of pride after completing the 1st day of the challenge. I'm a sweaty mess but I felt victorious.

13. Last but not least, the picture on the bottom right is a montage of me when I first got my hair done with the "Nicki Minaj" hairstyle (straight bang, and long straight tresses). I was feeling myself after leaving the shop, which prompted this mini photoshoot in the car lol.

Hopefully, you've enjoyed what you've seen! If you are not already...follow me on my Social Media outlets:
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Have an awesome day luvs!


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