Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Swimsuit Shopping Part 1

Summer is coming! Summer is coming! And I can't wait to unveil two things: my revamped Ali 2.0 body (I've been hitting the gym to get summertime fine, I've lost 15lbs so far, but I still have to go hard to reach my goal), and my new (new as in, I didn't wear it last summer lol) bikini!

There is nothing more exciting or frightening than shopping for swimwear for your summer escapades. You've seen the racks and racks of swimwear in your favorite stores I know by now! Don't be afraid ladies! No matter what size you are...you can look FIERCE in a bathing suit. The rule of thumb is to...HAVE CONFIDENCE in the skin you're in :) and everything else will fall into place. Here are a few ideas to get your swimwear wheels turning, so you know what to look for when shopping!

I don't have the flattest tummy in the land (although I'm working on it) so I love to wear high waisted swimsuits. The look created below is not an actual set. Its actually two different pieces mixed together. If you are going to mix and match a monochromatic color make sure the fabrics/textures are similar. When going to the beach it's not just about the swimsuit, its about the extras. You know, the beach bag, towel, sandals, hater blockers, accessories etc. So make sure you not only feel the part, but look the part as well!

Beach Bum

Coverups are a summer must have! They are easy to throw on over your bikini or one piece and they allow you to look pulled together in a flash instead of walking around in your wet swimsuit! Add a fedora, some wedge sandals, and some oversized sunglasses to ramp up the look even more!

Classic Coverup

Mara hoffman

Charlie by matthew zink
$255 - harrods.com

Vera bradley tote

Dorothy Perkins bracelet bangle

Marni eyewear

Here are a few extra tips that help break down the type of swimwear you should get by the body type.

If you have wide hips don't worry. There is a swimsuit out there for you! Some tricks to slim you out around your hips are trying a swimsuit constructed like a corset so it can strategically even out your top and bottom proportionally. Or try wearing a bikini that has a lot of details on the top (like a fringe bikini) so it can draw others eyes upward instead of your hips!

Swimwear for Wide Hips


Fringe bikini
$100 - nelly.com

Mara hoffman swimwear

Mara Hoffman halter top one piece swimsuit

If you have a short torso, here are a few swimsuit options that will help you look elongated. Try a one shoulder swimsuit (which can help to extend your frame), or a bandeau bikini which exposes as much as your middle section as possible. A high neckline gives you an appearance of extra length as well!

Swimwear for Short Torsos

Gottex bathing suit
$125 - zenggi.com

If you are a long torso fashionista try these trends to add coverage without hiding your sexy! Your go to swimwear will be high waisted bikinis and tankini's (which give the coverage of a one piece, but it won't ride up to expose your tummy). Also, explore wearing a longer top with shorter bottoms to minimize your torso in the right proportions.

Swimwear for Long Torsos

Michael Kors retro style bikini

H M h m
$28 - hm.com

Bikini swimwear

Hopefully you've gotten some ideas on how to start shopping for your summer swimwear. Since there are so many body types, I didn't want to OVERLOAD you with information. So, I've decided to make this a two part post. Tune in tomorrow to see more swimsuit types for those ladies who are conscious of your tummy, have a small or large bust-line, or just tricks of the trade for shopping for swimwear. Happy Tuesday fashionistas :)


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