Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Recap

Yesterday we celebrated the rising of Christ after spending 3 days in the grave! Which is why we crown the day Resurrection Sunday! This blog post is for those that get super fresh for Easter church service and for those that just chill at home. Check out my Easter recap!

I woke up early (6AM) to get my Easter dinner together. My hubby made a roast (in the crock pot...pictured below) the night before, then I made mac and cheese (pictured below), yams, greens, and a lemon dessert. Then me, my husband, and my younger brother (in - law) all went to get our praise on, in the house of the Lord.

Mac & Cheese is one of my favorite foods to eat :)

The roast my hubby was delicious

I picked up a thrifted red skirt from Goodwill the other day for $3.50, and knew that this was going to be a part of my Easter ensemble. I went shirt by shirt (in my closet) until I found this striped red and white blouse. And paired it with a black Forever 21 blazer to pull the look together.

My Easter Ensemble:
I purchased NOTHING for this look except my skirt
which I  bought thrifted from Goodwill for  $3.50
Everything else was already in my closet:
Tweed Jacket with Metal Detail - Forever 21
Striped Red & White Puffed Sleeve - Forever 21
Red Pencil Skirt - Thrifted from Goodwill
Patent Leather Jessica Simpson Pumps - DSW
Silver Michael Kors Watch - Macy's
Junk Necklace - Mall Kiosk 

Check out my good side(s) lol

Here is the look without the jacket. I love the sleeve detail on the shirt

Extras: Me and my hubby color coordinated after Easter service :)

All in all, my Easter was great. Great church service, great food, great fellowship with my family, and great basketball (MARCH MADNESS: Let's go Blue)!!!!

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