Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Recap: Printed Pants

Hi! My name is Alishia, and I LOVE WEEKENDS! I love weekends because I'm able to spend more time with my hubby, I get to dress up and go places (i.e. movies, dinner dates, bowling, shopping etc.), I get to praise the Lord, and I get to relax. This weekend was pretty chill as far as the itinerary went. However, I was able to catch up on some much needed R&R (rest and relaxation).

I wasn't feeling the best Saturday which put a big damper on our plans. We were supposed to go to a Strawberry Patch and pick strawberries and partake in their Spring kickoff, but I had a headache which put a halt in the plans. However, I was able to finally pull myself together and get "dressed" in something presentable. 

I chose a pair of printed tribal pants that I picked up from H&M a summer (or two) ago. The pants are really funky and fun. When I first bought them, my mom just looked at them like I was crazy lol. But I just liked the fact that the pants were colorful, playful, and artistic. Plus they are made out of cotton so they are very comfortable. I paired the pants with a solid purple tee, a hot pink blazer, and some black gladiator sandals. 

The look was pulled together nicely (I think). The rest of the day, I chilled with the hubby, cooked, and we watched the start of the NBA playoffs. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but it was cool. Sunday, I went to praise the Lord, got my gym fix in, and went to a college day fair at my church. The rest of the night I watched the NBA Playoffs (shoutout to my team the Miami Heat for getting the job done).  Check out my colorful OOTD below.

Pink Blazer - Love Culture (I removed all the gold buttons on the jacket to create a clean canvas)
Purple Tee - Forever 21
Tribal Pants - H&M
Black Gladiators - Target
Michael Kors Watch - Macy's
Silver Hoops - Charlotte Russe

What are your go to staples on the weekend? Send me pics of your cute Saturday/Sunday gear at I'm so excited for the upcoming post this week, then are fun and exciting. Stay tuned!!!



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