Friday, April 19, 2013

Crank It To The Max(i)

Spring is in full swing! Living here in Georgia, you might as well say that its Summer. The pollen has been in high gear, flaring my allergies to high stratospheres, and the sun is beaming down like it owns the land. I feel like cuing Will Smith's classic summer anthem "Summertime" on a day when the air is crisp, the sun is brightly shining, and the clouds are far, few, and in between. One spring/summer staple that should be in every fashionista's closet are maxi dresses or a maxi skirt.

Maxis are super comfy, easy to style, very chic, and they look great on all body types :) How can you go wrong with such a garment? Let me answer that, you really can't! Another thing I love about maxi's are the fact that you can dress them up or down for day or night! They are a super versatile piece. If you don't own a maxi here are some ways to sport them this spring/summer!

Wearing a maxi during the day is a super ideal way to look chic and comfortable. Maybe for a stroll on beach (covering up your super cute bikini), a midday brunch with the honey, or a matinee movie. There are tons of ways to style a maxi dress. You can add a denim jacket, wedges, and an oversized boho bag. Or you can snag a maxi skirt with a vest and some cute sandals for a relaxed outfit.

Vest & Maxi Combo

Topshop cami tank top / Alexander Wang / Paul & Joe silk maxi skirt, $590 / Strap sandals / Ralph Lauren Collection bohemian handbag / Salvatore Ferragamo leather jewelry / Michael Kors water resistant watch

When you're gearing up to go out for a night on the town, there is always one thing that boggles my mind, "What am I going to wear?" If you're like me, you want to be comfortable but you also want to put your best foot forward. Use a maxi dress or maxi skirt as your foundation and build from there to create a hot and sexy date night or night out OOTD. 

Maxi on the Town

Orange dress, $380 / Le Silla strappy stiletto heels / White Leaf oversized envelope clutch, $53 / R.J. Graziano bracelets bangle / Friis & Company gold feather earrings, $18

The moral of this post are that maxi's, whether in dress or skirt form, create a great foundations for amazing outfits. The style possibilities are endless and at the end of the day, you know you will look awesome! So what are you waiting for? Go pick up your favorite maxi and and crank it to the max(i)!

Happy Friday luvs, enjoy your weekend! I will see you back here on Monday :)

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