Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mommy & Me

I was skimming through a magazine today and the issue was geared around mother's, in lieu Mother's Day. After reviewing the magazine, I decided I wanted to write a post to help mommies look their absolute best :)

Although I'm not a mom, it warms my heart, as a fashionista to see a family (moms, child(ren), and even dads) look like a fashionable unit. It doesn't matter that they have busy bodies to look after...they choose to throw away the mom jeans and trade them in for their skinnies! You don't have to wear sweats to be comfortable, just like you don't have to wear stilettos to look fashionable. Take a page from these awesome moms on how to balance being a fashion forward mommy (aka a momanista) on a mission.

If you've ever seen LaLa's Full Court Life you know that she is one busy "momma!" She balances her love for her work along with the love for her husband, son, and friends. One thing I love about LaLa is her ability to dress casual while on mommy - duty. She brings a cool, hip edge to mommy hood!

If you've read Ali's Fashion Sense over the last year, you know I love and truly admire Ms. June Ambrose! She is such an awesome inspiration. Not only is she a trendy fashion stylist to some of the hottest stars (Jay -Z, Michelle Williams, Mariah Carey etc.) she is also a self proclaimed "rockmom," who prides herself in the involvement of her children (daughter Summer and son Chance). I follow her on Instagram, and although her life couldn't get any busier as a stylist, shoe designer, and mother she always looks her best (even when she's dressed down) and even cooks healthy gourmet dinners every night and shares the delicious meals with her IG followers.

America has been "Keeping Up With the Kardashian's" over the years and have seen the eldest daughter of the Kardashian Klan go from a cute, preppy socialite to a fierce, fashionable mom! Kourtney's style has evolved over the years, but one that hasn't changed as she's traded in her single - life to mommy hood is her timeless, classic style. She's not afraid to play with prints, sheer garments, or even stilettos and leather.

The Knowles girls have been on top of their games for years. With Beyonce doing everything under the sun from the Super Bowl, singing at the inauguration, to endorsements from H&M and Pepsi to her sister Solange DJ'ing, and taking the fashion world by storm with her fearless natural fro and her funky style! These ladies sure know how to look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G while being mom's on the go. Plus their kids are always well dressed "accessories" to two of the hottest chicks in the game. 

Not only can Jill Scott belt out a smooth R&B tune but the mommy of one is the epitome of cool sassiness with her choice of bold hair statements down to the way she dresses. 

Toya Wright has grown with her daughter Reginae over the years. The pair looks more like sisters but the dynamic duo always are flawless in their trendy gear from Jordan's to Stilettos. Toya shows us how to juggle being a "hot momma" of a teenage daughter! 

All the mothers as you can see have a unique style but one thing they have in common is the fact that they are NOT confined by the status quo of classic comfort indicators (sweatpants and sneakers). They are able to channel the fierce women they are all while balancing the greatest honor of all...MOTHERHOOD!

Here are a few tips to get you on the path to being a stylish mom (if you aren't already)!

Shoes: Invest in cute flats and sandals (save the pumps for date night or a night out on the town...once you have a baby sitter of course)

Flats are a way to look fresh without wearing sneakers. All the flats above can be found at Aldo. 

Undergarments: You may have just had your baby not to long ago so invest in some undergarments that can give you a faux shape until you are able to shed the baby weight through diet and exercise!

Try a garment like this (Spanx) to help suck in those areas that you want to camouflage.

Purse: Use your cute oversized purse as a diaper bag. Who says your diaper bag can't be as stylish as you and your baby?

This Black Charlie Bag is a purse that doubles as a diaper bag. You can find it at Timi & Leslie for $159.99 (http://www.shoptimiandleslie.com/Charlie-black.aspx#.UW1_MI61N0o) 

Hair: Snag a new hair do just in time for spring to spruce up your look.

Viola Davis' hair transformation helps her to achieve a fresh "new" look

Alicia Keys chopped off her locks to achieve this chic bob

Body: Take time to keep it tight. It's okay to take time for yourself to make sure you are healthy. If you can't make it to the gym, take your kids to the park and incorporate them into your workout (i.e. play tag, or run around the track with your kids etc.).

This post is in homage to all the awesome moms out there. I especially want to give a shout out to the greatest mother of all, my mother!!!!! Hopefully this post will give you the boost, for all you mom's who've gotten stuck in a fashion rut. No, worries the fab you is down inside, you just have to resurrect her!!! :) Let your inner "Rockmom" shine through! You deserve it :)

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