Wednesday, December 4, 2013

In Black & White

I've shared with you a couple times here on Ali's Fashion Sense that black and white is one of my favorite color combinations of all time. It's so classic and chic. And with the right silhouettes, textures, and clothing choices you can look like a million bucks without breaking the bank. If you've been following Ali's Fashion Sense the past couple of weeks you've seen me don a few black and white ensembles (like herehere, and here). I just can't get enough. I've been looking at very classic silhouettes lately and I like the sleekness that black and white combos offer to an array of garments. So when I was rummaging through my closet on Saturday night to pick out my clothes for church on Sunday, I wanted to go with a clean, simple silhouette and let the style speak for itself. Here's what I came up with.

Going along with my theme of wearing black and white these past couple of weeks here's my latest creation of ebony and ivory. I chose a red matte lip to help the outfit sparkle just a little bit more.

Feeling a bit presidential

Serving you this black and white realness

Classic. Simple. Clean

Chain Trimmed Blazer: Forever 21, White Button Up (with dramatic sleeves): K&G, Triple Prong Belt: Forever 21, Full Skirt Strapless Dress (worn as a skirt): Forever 21, Patterned Tights: Target, Suede Tasseled Boots: DSW, Sunnies: Aldo, MK Watch: Macy's

Admiring the beauty of Fall

Playing in the leaves

Me and the hubby aka my photographer

My handsome photographer stepped from behind the lens ;)

What's your favorite color combination?



  1. I think that is pretty cool that someone who is so fashionable and trendy would consider black and white as their favorite color combinations. I never would have guessed it. I love pink and khaki, or navy blue and khaki. I also like navy blue, gray and white. I think gray goes good with any two colors. I loved that pic with you and Derrick. XOXO

    1. All the color combinations that you mentioned sound great. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the kind words about our pic :)

  2. Love the color combo! Black and white is sooo classic!