Monday, March 10, 2014

A Nautical Sunday - The Mr. & Mrs. Edition

After losing an hour of sleep on Sunday morning, the hubby and I were rushing to getting ready for church when he asked "what should I wear today?" Since I picked out my navy and white striped nautical dress the night before I thought it would be great if the hubster matched my swag and wore his nautical striped shirt too. The full looks turned out better than I expected. So great, that my good friend, an up - and - coming stylist (aka my photographer for the day), Ashley Monique took our pics after church. They turned out really nice. I felt like I was getting my engagement photos taken again :)

MR. & MRS.
My hubby looked so cute that I had to capture his entire look and share with my Ali's Fashion Sense family! He actually jumped from behind the lens (he's my photographer usually), and allowed me to shoot him for a change! Since it's warming up the crisp white blazer was a perfect way to dress up his striped tee without looking to "stuffy." I chose to pair my navy and white nautical dress with a bold neon blazer to add an unexpected twist. I layered a couple of cute necklaces, threw on my gladiator booties and my look was complete. 

His: Kenneth Cole Blazer (Macy's), Navy & White Striped Nautical Tee (Target), Denim Jeans (Levi's), Denim Boat Shoes (Forever 21 Men)

Hers: Neon Blazer (Forever 21), Navy & White Striped Nautical Dress (JC Penney), Gladiator Booties (DSW), Chunky Pearl Necklace (Forever 21), Crystal Statement Necklace (Charlotte Russe), Sunnies (Forever 21)

We look good as a unit I must admit. Do you ever dress like your significant other? Do you thinking matching each other is a "go" or a "no - no?"

Have a great Monday luvs! Make it productive.



  1. What a sweet power couple looking dapper together!