Friday, April 4, 2014

Work it Out

Here on Ali's Fashion Sense I'm always saying how you should always step out with your best foot forward. No matter where you are going you should always: look your best, feel your best, and love yourself lol!!! But, seriously...when you look your best you feel your best!

CONFESSION: I'm no where near the weight I want to be, so I've decided that I want to get myself together, in time for "Summertime Fine" which is two months away. A good friend of mine (what up Kita) once told me when you get cute workout clothes it makes you want to workout out more. I don't know how true this logic is, but it's a great excuse to go shopping. For Christmas when asked by my brother - in - law what I wanted as a gift, I mentioned workout clothes so I can motivate myself to hit the gym in a stylish fashion and here's what I got (thanks Derryn).

Outfit Details: [GIFTED] Neon Pink Top (Ross), [GIFTED] Workout Pants with Pink Accents (Ross), Nike's (Nike Outlet), Sunnies (Forever 21), Zip - Up Jacket (Walmart), 5lb Weights (TJ Maxx)

If you're on a mission like me to snatch back the fat before our friend summer arrives go grab some cute, inexpensive, workout gear from discount stores like TJ. Maxx, Marshall's, Ross and even Forever 21 etc. so you can motivate yourself to take the first step. You will look great and save money (I'm all about saving). It's time to ditch your oversized tee and sweatpants and turn a new leaf just in time for summer!!!

 Have a safe, happy, healthy weekend ;)



  1. You look too cute in your workout gear! Yes, we can do this!

    1. Thanks hun!!!! We are gonna be summertime fine!!!

  2. I havent been to the gym in months...maybe new gym clothes will push me there lol

    1. I'm all for any excuse to go shopping :) Hopefully it will help you get motivated just in time for summer!