Monday, July 14, 2014

Concert Ideas for Beyonce & Jay - Z's On The Run Tour

So on Tuesday the hubby and I are going up to the ATL to attend this summer's most anticipated concert: Beyonce & Jay-Z's On The Run Tour. This is my first time seeing Beyonce live, so I know I will be in for a treat (I actually saw Jigga about 2 years ago and he was amazing). I've heard so many great reviews about the concert, so I'm excited the day is actually near. 

But with all great occassions there's always that burning question? What should I wear? Since I heard the concert was 3 hours of nonstop standing, dancing, partying, and an ultimate good time...the main thing I've heard is to NOT wear heels...unless you have feet made of armor (not me said the cat). With that being said if you are one of the lucky fans/stans hitting up the On The Run Tour in the next few weeks but have no idea what to wear don't you fret. I've put together three concert outfit alternatives that all involve flats so you can enjoy the concert fully without having to be bothered by your toes cramping in your cute pumps! Don't worry, I promise you will still look fly :)

This rugged look is definitely tomboy chic. With a touch of animal print to help accentuate your girly side, and some blinged out accessories you are sure to be #Flawless in this simple, chic getup. 

On The Run - Tomboy Chic

This edgy glam look is perfect to rock out to your favorite tunes of Jay - Z & Beyonce. The soft tulle skirt with the tough metal accessories, and leather blazer make for a perfect play on pretty and punk. The bold red lip will be the perfect finishing touch as you belt out the tunes to Queen Bey - #Surfboard!

On The Run - Edgy Glam

This delicate look is a breath of fresh air. The neutral color pallet in the soft textured fabrics allow you to channel your inner Coachella boho pop princess. The floral accents (headband and clutch) along with the gold accessories finish out the look in a strong way. Add an unexpected element like a body chain to bring the outfit to new heights. #GrownWoman

On The Run - Boho

Hopefully this post will give you some ideas for what to wear to the On The Run Tour. If you're not going, don't worry you can always use these looks for every day inspiration or for future concerts. I will be sure to give you all a play by play about the concert after I attend on Tuesday! Happy Monday luvs!



  1. I absolutely LOVE this Alishia!!!!!!!! She will be in Houston on Friday. I haven't even thought about what I'm going to wear but this definitely helped me out. Awesome work girl!!!

    1. Glad I could be of some assistance Calicia :) You are gonna have a ball at the concert!!! DEFINITELY wear some comfortable shoes!

  2. Thanks Ali!! I'm going with the tomboy chic. I'll be sure to send you a pic of my outfit.

    1. Yes Dee! I can definitely see you rocking the tomboy chic look! Can't wait to see what you put together :)