Monday, June 29, 2015

California Love

The last six days I have been chillaxing on the west coast in Los Angeles, CA. It is true what they say; the skies are always crystal blue and the sun is almost always shining. I came to Cali to visit one of my closest friends who is about to embark on her own marriage journey in 12 days. She is getting married in Hawaii and unfortunately I will not be able to attend. So I decided along with two of my other great friends to come out and kick it in the city of angels with the bride - to - be. 

I've had a blast since being out here. I saw the Hollywood sign after an hour hike up Runyon Canon, I went to the world famous Saddle Ranch, saw the walk of stars, and even attended a Carnival (think Toronto celebration of the different carribean cultures and not so much a Ferris wheel) Downtown Hollywood. I also learned that local citizens spend a ton of time in their cars. I also learned that you should always strap up in your seatbelt because LA drivers drive CRAZY!!! 

I visited the Valley, Hollywood, Malibu, Santa Monica, and Pasadena and had a blast at every stop. I visited the fashion district where I purchased my very own selfie stick (which I'm in love with by the way), and a cute cape (which I can't wait to post on the blog). I also bought a few goodies from Forever 21 and Zara which you will get a sneak peak of very soon. Overall out of all the things I got to do, see, eat, or purchase none compare to the priceless amount of time I got to spend with friends from my old stomping grounds, whom I haven't seen in over a year. Hopefully I will be able to catch up with them more often since our 30 Bday's are approaching in 6 months or less! But for now, check out some of my pics, from last six days as I show my California Love *in my Dr. Dre voice*

My view of the clouds

The LA skies from the plane

Fashion District Selfies

1st time using my selfie stick :)

The look when you conquer Runyon Canyon

A slight glance at the Hollywood sign

A brief gorgeous view of The City of Angels from the top of Runyon Canyon

At the Carnival Hollywood parade posing with a girl dressed in native garb

Selfies with my girl at Saddle Ranch

Admiring houses in Malibu

Selfies with the flower child and bride - to - be

Impromptu mountainside photoshoot 

As you can see from brief photo montage I got into a lot while in Cali. Have you ever been to Cali? Do you live here now? Where do you visit when you come? What are your favorite sites to see and food places to eat. Let me know in the comment section below and have an awesome Monday!

Peace, love, and soul,


  1. Great pictures! I love's such a beautiful place! The fashion district was my fav spot when I visited lol

    1. Thanks Fredetta. I like LA a lot (my pockets may say otherwise though lol). Thanks for stopping by and showing love ;)