Monday, January 4, 2016

Gray Coat + 574 New Balances

First things first, Happy New Year! I cannot believe that it is 2016. Like it is a new year. 2015 flew right by. I hope that you all have a great year and that all the things you desire come to pass this new year. Now back to our regularly scheduled program....This past weekend was super chill. On New Year's Eve (12.31.15) the hubby did a half day at work and took me to see Creed and to my favorite burger joint "Five Guys." It was the perfect impromptu date. I try to enjoy the little moments with the hubby since we only have approximately four more months left with just the two of us. Once we got home we watched football, chilled out, took naps, then we prayed, did a Sparkling Grape Juice toast, and captured a kiss before seeing the ball drop at midnight. It's amazing how when you're younger the fanfare that comes along with New Year's Eve. You know the sparkly dresses, the perfect makeup, the toast, who to kiss. But I was perfectly content snuggling with the hubster in our quiet space. It was absolutely perfect.

I had a pretty chill day Saturday, so I wanted my wardrobe to reflect it. The temperatures have been constantly dropping over the past week with a bunch of rain but Saturday we had a chilly yet sunny, day (I'd take the sunny and cold over the rain any day). I wanted to bundle up, be comfortable, and of course look "cute." The outfit I came up with was very simple, but I centered it around my 574 New Balances that I purchased in New Orleans a couple months ago. These are the most comfortable sneakers that I've ever owned, plus I love the unexpected pop of Neon in the N. I paired them with my faux fur gray coat that I scored from H&M a few years ago, a simple gray long sleeve shirt, and my stretchy Lauren Conrad skinny jeans that I recently purchased from Kohl's. To make the look more athletic I paired it with my suede baseball cap that I bought from Forever 21 and a pair of Google Sunnies that I got as a freebie from church that match the neon N on my 574s. 

Outfit Details: 574's (New Balance Outlet), Black Lauren Conrad Skinny Jeans (Kohl's), Gray Long - Sleeve Shirt (H&M), Faux Fur Coat (H&M), Suede Baseball Cap (Forever 21), Google Neon Sunnies (Received as Gift)

I really like the look. And it did its job of keeping me warm, comfortable, and cute. What's your go - to look that keeps you warm (for my Ali Fashion Senser's that live in cooler temperatures) yet stylish? Are you a lover of sneakers or do you like a more dressed up approach?  I'd love to know in the comment section below. 

Do me a favor and lets make today AMAZING!!!!!

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  1. You look so cute and stylish yet comfy! I use to live in sneakers lol happy new year!