Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Prints

Thank goodness it's Friday!!! It's been a long week. I just started "Summer School" this week and I've already been knee deep in homework. So I wanted to stop, take a minute, and get fly on this gorgeous Friday ;) I decided upon this look after browsing through the saved "Look Book" that I created on my iPad and iPhone from looks that catch my eye when browsing fashion blogs, online magazines, and fashion websites. It comes in very handy for days when I'm lollygagging aimlessly in my closet with "NOTHING TO WEAR!" Today's inspiration is courtesy of Fashion Bomb Daily where I stumbled across this look awhile ago. Check out the original post here. Of course I had to add my own little spin on the look, but you see the inspiration!

Ali's Fashion Tip: Don't be afraid to gather inspiration from people, places, or things! Just don't fall into the trap of being a "carbon - copy." Put your own twist on the outfit to make it your own!

Pic courtesy of Fashion Bomb Daily (Check it out here)

Here's my interpretation of the inspirational look from above. I nixed the metallic oxfords and went for a neutral spiked peep toe pump. This look is sleek, chic, and casual, and I love it! The bold red lip adds a factor of intensity that helps the ensemble pop even more.

Outfit Details: Cream Blazer (Forever 21), Animal Print Blouse (Forever 21), Distressed Jeans (Forever 21), Spiked Peep Toe Pumps (Bakers), Earrings 

Happy Friday luvs. Be sure to be safe and enjoy this three day weekend as we celebrate Memorial Day! See you back on Monday.



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