Monday, October 20, 2014

Over [it] All

On Saturday, I had a pretty chill day. I kicked back watched a movie, caught some football, started studying for a test, and even brainstormed outfits for my blog. Through all of that, I wanted to be comfortable yet cute for the day, so I decided to throw on my overalls! I tried to style the overalls differently than I did when you 1st saw them so I paired it with my favorite go to piece in my closet at the moment: my army green hieroglyphic print vest, and a tee with faux leather on the sleeves. Then I threw on my sneaker wedges, statement necklace, and sunnies  and the look was complete. 

As I was studying for my Fashion Forecasting Exam 2 (which I have today...wish me luck) I stumbled upon something interesting. The question was..."How do consumers become fashion stylists?" The answer: "When they take available clothing resources and mixrestyle, and customize items in individualistic and expressive ways." This definition is the perfect example of what I'm trying to do here on Ali's Fashion Sense. I want to show you (my loyal readers) that it's okay to love the items in your closet, and to wear items over and over again (isn't that the reason you bought them in the first place?)! The key to successfully stretching your wardrobe is finding innovative ways to style your pieces so they look fresh, hip, and new (even though you may be wearing the same things).  So check out today's look Over [it] all. See what I did there lol?

Outfit Details: Vest (Forever 21), Overalls (Macy's), Shirt with Faux Leather Sleeves (Forever 21), Sneaker Wedges (Target), Statement Necklace (TJ Maxx), Sunnies (Aldo), Charm Bracelet (Juicy Couture), Watch (Charming Charlie's)

As you can see. This outfit is super comfy but still gives off a fun, sporty, vibe! I hope my Monday is just as chill, cool, and fun as this outfit (even though I have a FULL schedule). I'm sending out positive vibes in the atmosphere. In my Ice Cube WILL BE a good day!

Happy Monday

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