Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Wrap - Up

Over the last couple of weeks I told you all I would create a series showing you the versatility of black and white black and white is one of my fav color combinations. Although this color combination is a classic there is soooo much you can do with it. You can wear prints, solids, alternative textiles and textures, various silhouettes, and you can even add pops of color to create a new, unique take on this classic color duo. The best part is you can mix - and - match items that you wear within the 7 days to create an infinite amount of looks. Just by swapping a shoe or changing a blazer with a look can add a total different element to a look. So don't be afraid to get in your closet and get dirty! Roll up your sleeves, try new looks, and look FABULOUS!!!!

What I wore:








What was your favorite look of the series? Are you excited to try some new black and white looks? I sure hope so! Happy hump day luvs!


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