Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Gray Matters

Do you want to know the secret to instantly accomplishing a chic look? Wear one color from head to toe. Really! Gather up your all black, white, gray, or camel ensembles to become an instant fashionista. You can even throw in an unexpected shade into the mix like olive green, yellow, powder blue, or hot pink to take your monochromatic look up a notch. Monochromatic looks bring sophistication to an outfit without all the fuss and we all like to make our lives as simple as possible when it comes to getting dressed and looking fabulous.

The outfit that I am wearing was custom - made for me by a wonderful woman by the name of Mrs. Mae Womack. She created this look for me because she loves to sew (and is pretty freaking good at it if you ask me) and she knows my love for fashion. Plus she's an avid Ali's Fashion Sense reader :) I love the unique twist that she incorporated by adding the skirt over the pants (it's actually all one piece instead of a pair of pants and a skirt). I chose to keep the gray theme going and added my fuzzy wuzzy gray coat on top and silver accessories. I completed the look by adding my black leather cap and sandals. It's not a total monochromatic look because of my black cap and black sandals but I love how the look came together anyways! 

Disclosure: It was SUPER windy and cold when I took the picture so my garment was blowing ever which way. I tried to display the photos that captured the essence of the garment without me looking like I got trapped in a wind storm. Here are the results!

Outfit Details: Top and Bottoms (Custom Outfit Made by Mae Womack), Coat (H&M), Leather Baseball Cap (Forever 21), Sandals (Charlotte Russe), Necklace (Fancy Kouture)

I'd like to send a very big shout out and THANK YOU to Mrs. Womack. She didn't have to make this outfit for me. I didn't ask. She just did it out the kindness of her heart. It's always nice to know that there are people out there that do kind things, not for recognition, but just to spread a little joy. So I want to publicly say to her THANKS for helping create my "gray matter!" I hope you all have a magnificent day today. Live in the moment and make each second count.

What monochromatic color palette will you promise to try? Let me know in the comment section below!

Happy Hump Day!



  1. I've seen a fashion show were the models wore monochromatic clothing. I especially like it when leggings are the same color as the shoes. You look great in grey, by the way.