Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mix It Up

I have a secret to tell you my readers…the past few weeks I have flooded Ali's Fashion Sense with posts that I've been wearing hats (mainly this black fedora or an array of various baseball caps). The secret is I want to get a new hair style but I haven't had the time to get my hair done, so I'm stuck rocking hats creating a "make - it work" moment (in the famous words of Tim Gunn). I really wanted to switch up the game to make my fedora look a little different so I looked through my closet and grabbed everything except the kitchen sink lol. This outfit of the day literally consists of 7 pieces (including my accessories).  Its the ultimate layering ensemble for this semi - frigid Georgia weather. If you live in places that have colder climates (you know that kind of weather that barely reaches the teens or is on the negative side of the spectrum) and want to duplicate this look I would suggest adding a leather motorcycle jacket on top of the sweatshirt and underneath the duster vest, adding a beanie or furry hat instead of the fedora (to keep your ears warm), swapping over the knee boots for the pumps (so you're not exposing any skin), and lastly wearing leather gloves and a scarf (to keep your hands and neck warm). 

Outfit Details: Gray Duster Vest (H&M), Maroon Leggings (H&M), Sweatshirt (Target), White Collared Button Up (Old Navy), Fedora (H&M), Jessica Simpson Pumps (DSW), Necklaces (Fancy Kouture)

I really like this outfit that I created because there are so many elements (colors, textures, shapes etc.) in the ensemble that is visually stimulating. I love the geometric pattern on the sweater that pulls out the gray in the furry duster vest, and the maroon in the leather - paneled leggings. The black bands around the sleeve and waist of the sweatshirt pull in the black accessories to complete the look. Ali's Fashion Sense Tip: Go into your closet and pull out 2 things you normally wouldn't wear together and try to have a "make it work" moment. You may not like what you put together but eventually you will find an odd pair that comes together in harmony! Don't be afraid to MIX IT UP!

Happy Hump Day Fashion Sensers,

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  1. Don't be afraid to mix it true. I love this look. Fabulous.