Monday, February 29, 2016

Polo Hat + Fringe Shoes to Match

This weekend was very chill for me. Saturday, I went to a (middle school) basketball championship tournament with my hubby to see some of our good friends refereeing! They both did a great job and the games were exciting enough (as far as middle school athletics go). After attending the tournament we came home and took naps (a Saturday/Sunday ritual) before heading out to dinner. After dinner I came home and got a lot of research done for my Senior Project that I'm working on (did I mention I graduate in 3 more months ;) ) while watching the most exciting NBA game ever (Warriors vs. Thunder). Side Note: Steph Curry is unbelievable!

Since Saturday was a day full of running errands, I knew I wanted to be comfy. I didn't want to be too dressy as I knew we were going to be in some pretty casual settings so I opted for my red Polo Hat, red fringe suede booties (that were gifted to me from a friend), Chambray button up, denim jeans, navy faux leather blazer, and my new favorite items in my shaggy vest. I added gold accessories (gold bullet earrings, Juicy Couture Charm Bracelet, and gold watch) to finish pulling the look together. 

Outfit Details: Polo Hat (Polo Outlet), Chambray Button Down (Charlotte Russe), Denim Jeans (Forever 21+), Shaggy Vest (Forever 21), Navy Blazer (Gift), Red Fringe Booties (Gift), Bullet Earrings (Pink Elephant), Juicy Couture Charm Bracelet (Juicy Couture), Gold Watch (Charming Charlie's), Sunglasses (Forever 21)

Overall, I think this outfit was the perfect weekend ensemble. It's checks off the 2C's: cute and comfy, plus it incorporates the art of layering. The pops of red also add a little unexpected twist to a simple color palette of denim + navy + and tan! What did you get into last weekend? I'd love to hear! 

P.S. Since it's a leap year, here's a cool way to commemorate it: Try creating a leap year time capsule that you can open on February 29, 2020. I received this clever idea from I'm going to do one and have my hubby do one too that we can open it in four years.  Get your free time capsule printables here to complete with your family.

Happy Monday & Leap Year,

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