Monday, June 20, 2016

Black & White Geometric A Line Dress

Sunday marked an amazing day. I've been rooting for Lebron James since he entered the league 13 years ago (2003) so I had the biggest smile on my face when the Cleveland Cavaliers (after 50+ years) won their first NBA championship! It did my heart proud to see Lebron hoist the trophy up in spite of all the doubters, critics, odds makers, statistics, the amazing competition on the other side, the hard fought road to get here etc. 

Through the Cavs victory it made me self reflect. I realized that sometimes the things we want most may be right in our grasp (Cleveland was in the finals last year against the same team, Golden State but lost 4 - 2, for me it was losing my first child abruptly after being 12 weeks away from the finish line) but for some reason God may not feel we're ready to handle them yet. At that moment you may want to give up. You may want to throw in the towel. You may say...why am I putting in all this hard work only to come up empty handed? This series reminded me, no matter how the situation may look in front of you, you can't give up on God or yourself. You have to simply trust the journey. If you work hard the Universe will reward you for your efforts whether that is immediately or down the line when you least expect it.  

Unlike my dress (scored from Old Navy) life is not always black and white. You may have some gray moments that you can't explain or that don't make sense but DON"T LOSE HOPE! Keep the faith accompanied by a smile :)

Outfit Details: Black & White Geometric A Line Dress (Old Navy: Seen here), Furry Pom Pom Headband (Charlotte Russe: Seen in white), Gladiator Sandals (Steve Madden Sandals), Necklace (DSW), Sunnies (Forever 21), Purse (Forever 21), Furry Key Chains (Beauty Supply Store)

After being a witness to Cleveland's greatness I am taking on this week with a restored focus on my goals. I am going to do it with belief in myself and in my abilities, with a spirit of gratitude for those things I already have, and tenacity to stick with it even if (or shall I say when) it gets tough! I hope you join me. And of course I hope you look your best while conquering your goals.

Happy Monday Luvs,


  1. Although I am a Warrior fan...I agree with your analogy. We have to persevere to accomplish life's goal. Love the outfit. Very figure flattering.

  2. I, too am a Warriors fan (Mr. Curry to be exact) but I do agree with your analogy as well. A lesson you've learned from and sharing with others is most helpful! I admire your strength. Love that dress girl - you wear it well! :)