Friday, June 10, 2016

Sequin Top + Black Distressed Jeans

Celebrate good times c'mon. In my world it doesn't take much to celebrate (especially these days). I love to enjoy this life that I've been given, so I choose to celebrate the small victories in life! Anything from finding change on the ground to sticking to my newfound lifestyle change for a day (take things 1 day at a time). Don't get me wrong I have days where I am down in the dumps (I just had an episode earlier in the week...missing my son). But overall, I try to live life to the fullest! So it takes nothing for me to throw on sequin. Even on a random Friday. Who says you have to reserve your sequins for New Years Eve? Not I! I say wear it anytime, anywhere...heck, if you want...wear it to the gym! I'm not stopping you. 

Outfit Details: Sequin Crop Top (H&M), Black Distressed Jeans (Gap; DIY: Me), Boyfriend Blazer (Forever 21), Sparkly Platform Peeptoes (Steve Madden: old), Candy Yum Yum Lippie (M.A.C)

Go out and CELEBRATE! Celebrate the weekend. Celebrate the sun radiating on your face. Celebrate your awesomeness. Celebrate YOU!

"Let your soul glow and your outfit sparkle!"

Have a fantastic Friday luvs. See ya Monday,


  1. OMG...that top!Let's celebrate indeed.

  2. Celebrating being alive tops my list. Second only to being the best me daily. You're looking good as usual.

  3. That top is gorgeous!!! You're gonna make me go to the mall this weekend!