Monday, March 5, 2012

The Gentleman's Club: Date Night

I decided I would dedicate one day a week to my fellas!!! The Gentleman's Club will be a segment in my blog that I discuss men and fashion!  I hope to provide a woman's view point for all my guys out there, that want to be fly, sophisticated, and most of all confident in what they are wearing. There is nothing sexier than seeing a confident, well put together man.
Here are some of my picks for a date night. Remember to keep in mind: the time of day the date is occurring, what you will be doing on your date, and most importantly, how you feel in the outfit. You make the clothes, don't let the clothes make you!!

  • Button - Up, Tee Shirt
  • Jeans - Dark Wash, Semi Distresses
  • Cardigan - Any color cardigan (don't be afraid to try on a bold color, like a coral or turquoise)
  • Nice pair of shoes - Sneakers, loafers, boat shoes etc.
  • Watch
  • Cologne
  • Colgate smile
  • Good Attitude

A cardigan is probably one of the most versatile elements any guy can add to his closet. You can dress up or dress down a cardigan by adding your own flare (i.e. bow tie, tie, jeans, slacks, t-shirt, button up etc.)
Multicolored Cardigans

 Cardigan with a white tee (the shades & watch details add an extra element of cool)

For a casual polished date night look, choose the "Updated Hoodie." It's chic & comfortable. 

Striped Hoodie

A nice piece of outerwear is essential for any man's closet, whether it be a leather jacket, a pea coat, or a blazer.
Leather Jacket
Gray Pea Coat

 A pair of shoes can either make or break an outfit. So CHOOSE WISELY!!!

Malehorn Sneakers from Aldo

Sperry Topsiders are a classic shoe for a guy who likes to keep it simple
Black Jordan Spizikes
Salvatore Ferragamo Loafers
A nice pair of jeans, cargos, or slacks that properly fit is essential to pulling off a great date night ensemble. 
Levi's 514 Slim Straight Jeans

Express Men "End On End Cotton Producer Pant"

All in all, if you put an effort into looking nice on a date, 9 times out of 10, your date will notice!



  1. I have to say this is a very good post for us guys. Some guys may think they know how to "dress for success" but they really have no idea how to do it properly. This is definitely a good post that guys need to check out.

  2. Yes..a million times Yes !!! All these selections are awesome. It's something about a well put together man with a dash a confidence but not trying too hard to fit in with trends.