Monday, March 12, 2012

Lip Candy: The Lip Bar

It's always great to follow your dreams and do something you love! That is the exact thing Melissa Butler, a fellow FAMU Alumni did. She started her own cosmetic line of bright, bold lip colors for women of all races and hues! Her lip line is called "The Lip Bar". She plays off the bar scene by conveniently naming all of her lip colors after alcoholic beverages. 

After checking out her chic website (, and seeing pictures of her very own launch party held in Brooklyn, NY hosted by one of my fav bloggers, Michigan native, GabiFresh 
(from & two awesome sunglasses designers, (also Midwest natives) Coco & Breezy living out their dream in New York, I had to get my hands on some lipstick! Let me tell you, I was VERY IMPRESSED with my purchase. From the sleek packaging, to the company logo, the attention to every detail, and most importantly the lip color I received. 

I've been searching for months on end for a coral hued lip color. So, when I saw that The Lip Bar offered the entire R.O.Y.G.B.I.V color spectrum (you know what I'm talking about: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet) I jumped at the chance to order. I ended up going with "Bahama Mama" this go - round. It is a great contrast to my Hershey skin tone, and rolls on very smoothly. I will definitely be trying more bright colors just in time to heat up the summer months!

In the motto of The Lip Bar: :Lets have a "Toast to Beauty"

New Lip Bar Fan

Box Bahama Mama Lipstick arrived in

Contents included in my Lip Bar Package (the actual lipstick is in the tube on the far left)

Bahama Mama Lipstick (all the lipstick comes with the ingredients & directions to make the drinks the lipsticks are named after, I thought that was an unexpected added bonus)


  1. Can you please post a picture with it on ! I've been searching with no luck for a coral as well. I tend to find issues with coverage, tone....etc.

  2. @Starkitality I will post a pic this weekend (once I get my hair done lol) with the color so you can see it!

  3. I've been playing around with lip colors lately, so I'm definitely going to go check out this site and support FAMUans!! LOL!