Thursday, March 1, 2012

Going, Going, Gone...

Have you ever been somewhere and saw a SALE that was too good to be true? Well, the style gods were on my side today. After leaving a long day at the office, my co-workers and I decided to head to the mall for some retail therapy. I put on my June Ambrose hat to play stylist for the day (FYI: being a stylist is a HUGE dream of mine)! My coworker is going on a date tomorrow, and he asked if I could assist him in getting a nice outfit to wow his date. So, I gladly jumped at the opportunity. 

While in the department store, Bergener's (the Midwest version of Macy's) we found that they were having a huge sale. My friend ended up getting some awesome dark wash Levi's and some classic Sperry Topsiders. On our way out of the store, I heard some Jessica Simpson Peep-Toes whisper my name telling me to stop by and have a gander. So I succumbed and made a sharp right to the woman’s shoe department. On my way to the Jessica Simpson’s I passed a huge clearance rack. I was rummaging through the racks when I spotted the most gorgeous pair of leopard booties. I anxiously turned the shoe over, only to my disappointment to discover the shoe was 7 1/2, (a half size to small). I continued to browse the chaotic rack, when I found the leopard booties in my size!!! 
*Cuing music....HALLELUJAH - in my church choir voice!!!*

After falling in love with the shoes, I noticed one minor detail, I had seemed to passover after my initial spotting of the shoe ...the price tag. The original price said $139. But the shoe was on sale for $103.99 (not too bad, but I was definitely NOT willing to spend this amount today). As I went to place the shoe back on the rack, I noticed a sign saying 80% off yellow tag purchases. After discovering the yellow tag on the bottom of my shoe, I quickly began calculating what the shoes would cost with the 80% discount. I joyously headed to the counter feeling like I had found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I’m so excited to rock the shoes (I'm lining up outfits I can pair these beauties up with in my head, as I type), but I’m even more estatic that I paid $22 for a $139 pair of shoes. In the words of Charlie Sheen...#WINNING. 

Leopard Booties by Vince Camuto

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  1. Cute booties! I can see you rocking them. Winning indeed.