Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Box Braid Round Up

After doing ample YouTube, Instagram, and Tumblr research about box braids, I finally buckled down and joined the craze. And boy, am I happy I did. Box braids are NOTHING new. We've been rocking this style since we were tikes in the early 90s. Just like times of old this style is protective for your hair and is super convenient. I love to work out, but am always nervous to push it to the limit in fear that I will sweat out my natural hair and not be able to manage it. With box braids I can work out, swim, jump, sweat and not worry about how my hair will turn out. It's such a freeing feeling :)

Here's the thing: I tend to get bored with hairstyles very easily so I vowed if I was going to get box braids I would have to find different styles that I can attempt so that I wouldn't want to take out the braids a week after receiving them. Today's post will be a roundup of some of my favorite styles that I've rocked during the duration of my box braids. I've loved the braids so much, I just took my old set out and got them reinstalled this past weekend. 12 hours after beginning I have a fresh set of braids with an infinite amount of style possibilities. Check out some of my favorite box braid styles below.

Janelle Monae Pompadour, Ninja Bun, Side Bang, Twist Back and more!

As you can see, these braids are so versatile. My hair braider (S/O to Gyreasha for braiding my hair twice) said that I make her proud...taking full advantage of the different style ranges for the braids. So if I had to endorse this style...I would totally say it was worth it. Although I must admit, I miss my hair extensions (which I will get back soon). But for now I'm rocking with the box braids :)

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