Friday, October 12, 2012

"Street Sense" - Thrifting Edition

There is nothing more exciting to see, than someone who has a keen sense of style, with the ability to bring the runway to the pavement. I love to see how people uniquely interpret fashion into their own personal style; making it their own! Since I love both people and fashion I thought why not incorporate a reoccurring post called: "Street Sense" here on Ali's Fashion Sense.  I will write Street Sense ever so often highlighting fashionistas (and even Ali's Fashion Sense gentlemen's club members...aka the fellas...if they are interested) like you, who have an eye for fashion all while giving you a platform to show off your unique style.

My first edition of Street Sense showcases a young woman that I've know for quite some time now. I met her growing up at my dad's church and have seen her grow into a beautiful, sweet spirited, fashionable woman! She has a certain pizazz that always makes you want to see what she will be wearing next. She recently shared with me her love for thrifting or 2nd hand shopping as some may like to call it. So I interviewed her to get her take on how to thrift shop and walk away satisfied. I hope you learn a thing or two about this awesome trend.

Name: Kyra Crandol
Age: 23
Hometown: Detroit, MI

Thrifted Floral Jumpsuit and Anklet, Belt from Rave, Shoes from Bakers

What/who got you interested in thrifting?
 I believe that one of my first trips to the thrift store was with my best friend a few years back. When I first started thrifting I would only go once in a while, recently Ive become a compulsive thrifter
Thrifted Blouse, High Waist Christian Dior Trouser Capri Pants, Fendi Envelope Clutch, Pumps and Earrings from Guess

Why thrifting vs. shopping at the mall?
Don’t get me wrong, I still like to shop at the mall, I love mixing old with new! Although lately I’ve noticed that I have been thrifting more than I have actually been shopping at the mall. I like thrifting for the simple fact I can find classic vintage pieces that I know anyone else won’t have, for very reasonable prices. I love the quality of vintage clothing as well.

Looks from L to R: Thrifted Dress, Tights from JCPenny, Shoes from
Thrifted Dress, Tights from Walmart, Shoes from Payless
Thrifted Blouse, Suede Skirt, Fendi Envelope Clutch, Anklet, Shoes from Bakers, Watch by FLuD 

What’s your favorite piece you’ve found thrifting thus far?
I don’t honestly think that I can say that I have one favorite piece, I love them all!! My top 5 would have to be my:
1.) Red Christian Dior Coat
2.) Fendi Clutch (shown in post)
3.) Black and Gold Chain Carlisle Belt (shown in post)
4.) Pearl Detailed Cream Blouse
5.) Black Velvet Blazer.

Looks from L to R: Thrifted Men's Sweater, Leggings and Shoes from Forever 21
Thrifted Top and Earrings, Pants from TJ Maxx, Teal Moccasins from Target
Thrifted Jumpsuit and Earrings, Belt from Rave
Thrifted Jumpsuit and Carlisle Belt
Thrifted Jeans and Belt, Top from Love Culture, Jessica Simpson Riding Boots from Von Maur
Thrifted Sweater, Belt, and High Waist Denim Shorts, Combat Boots from Kohl's

What are some tips you have for my fashion sensers who want to begin thrifting?
1.) First and foremost if you want to find great pieces you have to be patient, I can spend hours in the thrift store looking through almost everything piece by piece.
2.) Don’t just limit yourself to the women’s clothing, I’ve found great pieces in the men’s section as well.
3.) Don’t leave without looking at the jewelry, bags, shoes, and coats.
4.) For some it may take a while to become “good thrifters”, with this I can speak for myself, I personally feel that I’ve become a better thrifter over the years, I’ve looked at pieces that I purchased when I first started thrifting and I thought to myself “what was I thinking when I brought this?”
5.) Some may be surprised but some thrift stores actually have sales, I know that the Salvation Army has student/teacher discount day every Thursday, if you show your id you receive 25% off your purchase, also every last Thursday of the month they have ladies night out where all women’s clothing is 50% off!
6.) Lastly thrifting is not “nasty” which a lot of people seem to think because the clothing has already been worn, I’ve found many pieces with the tag still on it. I also wash or dry clean my merchandise before I wear it.

While thrifting I live by the motto “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”.

Looks from L to R: Thrifted Blouse, Belt, and Slacks
Thrifted Earrings and Blouse, Slacks from Sears
Thrifted Top, Levi's Jeans from Macy's, Shoes from, Michael Kors Watch, Studded Clutch hand made by Kyra

What is your definition of fashion?
To me fashion is being able to express myself through my clothing and accessories. The way I style my clothing is something that I have complete control over; I can change it up or try new things anytime I please. There are so many different things you can do with fashion, it never gets boring, I LIVE through and LOVE FASHION!

Looks from L to R: Thrifted Necklace, Top, and Carlisle Belt, Leggings from Forever 21, Shoes from Target
Thrifted Skirt, Shirt from Forever 21

I want to say thanks to Kyra for being my first feature on "Street Sense!" She was such an awesome sport. Kyra inspired me to step out into the world of thrifting (after doing this interview). I will be doing a post on the items I found during my first trip to the thrift store sometime next week if time permits. I hope you enjoyed this edition of Street Sense. If you are interested in being featured in an upcoming Street Sense post contact me at: in the subject line include: Street Sense Inquiry. Please include your name, age, and where you live. Also please submit 5 - 10 pictures which best showcase you and your style aesthetic. I will follow - up with the interview questions. Thanks for your support. It is much appreciated luvs.

TGIF Fashion Sensers :)

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