Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hot Trend: Oxblood Red

This seasons hottest color is coming for your blood!!! Okay, not literally...but this burgundy hue is called Oxblood Red, and it can be seen all around this Fall. Oxblood keeps company with other red hued colors such as burgundy, wine, and brick red. This color has already made appearances in magazines, blogs, and even in designer collections shown around the world. So I would highly suggest that you get in on the fun and add some Oxblood into your closet, makeup bag, nail polish bin, and even your accessory drawer. I will show you how you can pull off this vampy inspired color with ease. And what colors best compliment this dark, luxe color. Let's get to it shall we luvs :)

As you can see from the picture below, Oxblood can be wore in many different capacities. For example check out Chanel Iman's lipstick and blush combo? Or Angela Simmons leather Oxblood Red pants, and burgundy peep toe booties.

Chanel Iman (oxblood lip and cheeks), Kim Kardashian (oxblood fitted dress with fur vest), Angela Simmons (white button up, oxblood red leather pants and peep toe booties), Kourtney Kardashian (oxblood red fur vest with black blouse, dark denim jeans, and black boots), Auntie June [Ambrose} (with her signature oxblood red turban and pumps, cheetah sweater, tan vest, and brown slacks), J - Lo (embroidered oxblood red mini dress with sheer details)

You can find just about anything in Oxblood/Burgundy etc. Coats, dresses, pants, leggings, cardigans, blazers, skirts, and skirts. I found a great assortment of these items below at H&M. So if you don't know where to start I would suggest H&M.

You can find items besides clothing...like nail polish, boots, ballet flats, gloves, jewelry, clutches, satchels, watches, lipstick, and yes you can even dye your hair this awesome color!!!

The top picture is of me wearing "Dark Side" lipstick and "Nightmoth" lip liner by M.A.C complimented by a cheetah print oversized bow which I scored from Charlotte Russe on clearance(my box braids are put up in a bun...SN: I love my throwback braids by the way, shout out to my girl Gyreasha)! Although you can't see it, my nails were polished in "Recessionista" by Essie (another shade of oxblood red nail polish).

In the pic below I paired my oxblood red blouse (which has lace detailing in the back and ties in a bow in front) from Forever 21, with my frayed cowgirl vest from H&M, along with my leggings with leather detailing from H&M, and my wedge booties from Aldo (which are not seen in the picture). I again was rocking my M.A.C vampy lipstick/lip liner combo (Dark Side & Nightmoth).

Oxblood red is a great color to try the monochromatic trend. Again monochromatic means you are simply wearing the same shade from head to toe (or shades in the same family tree...it doesn't have to match exactly). But if you want to explore this color to deeper depths there are colors that compliment oxblood red seamlessly.

(From Top Left to Bottom Right) Pumpkin, Red, Cheetah Print, Tan, Oxblood Red, Hunter Green, Chocolate Brown, Light Pink, Eggplant, Gray, Blush Pink, Purple, and Black

I hope you have been inspired to try out this dope color. I've started adding pieces to my closet slowly but surely. I am excited to see how many combinations I can come up with! Hopefully, you will catch up on my enthusiasm. Will you join the Oxblood Red gang?

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