Friday, October 19, 2012

The Red, The White, The Blue

After being totally engulfed in suspense, disbelief, and joy from watching my favorite show Scandal (a show about a crisis manager working to clean up political messes and scandals shown on ABC on Thursday nights at 10PM ET/9PM CT ) last night, I wanted to pay a tribute to my favorite scripted drama on television. Kerry Washington who plays the intelligent, witty, successful Olivia Pope inspired me to write this blog the RED, the WHITE, & the BLUE! There are no other colors which show patriotism to our country, the United States of America like red, white, and blue. I wanted to pay homage to this trio of colors which define a country of opportunity and of risk. This color combo is also a great alternative for all my fashionistas who want to look presidential and regal.

Here is my personal interpretation of how you can mix and match these awesome colors to come up with a blended masterpiece. If you get a few staples in each color (i.e. blue skirt, red blazer, white jeans, red pumps, blue belt etc.) there are endless possibilities of the outfits you can create!

These looks show off how you can create a monochromatic look even with the famous Red, White, & Blue trio. Notice I used red shoes with the all white outfit. There is a specific reason why.  I absolutely despise white shoes so with this outfit I used red as my pop of color (you could add a red clutch or purse to make the look a little more cohesive).

With these looks I used the same pair of blue colored jeans and paired it with a red, white, and blue blouse for each outfit. I exchanged white shoes for gray/silver to bring the looks together. You could always throw on a cardigan or blazer on top of the shirts to further polish your look.

This look reminds me of a casual weekend look when you are out running errands or something. The red and white star sweater is the clear show stopper in this look. The blue colored pants and red ballet flats pull the look together flawlessly.

I am a sucker for jumpsuits so when I found these two jumpsuits they automatically represented class, sophistication, and beauty. The thing I love most about jumpsuits are that they cover you up literally from head to toe but they still offer that hint of sexiness that every women possesses.

I know you may be thinking...white pants after Labor Day? Yes, that would be correct. If you can recall that rule was shattered in my Fashion Rules Demystified Blog Post a couple months ago. With this look I started with the white pants and white v - neck t - shirt. Then I created layers using this blue cardigan. I accented the look with a blue clutch, red booties, and a red and gold chain necklace for a little extra flare.

I wanted to give you an array of ways you could interpret this color combination. You can play up or play down the outfit to make it dressy or just business casual. It's totally up to you. Hopefully this post will expand your love for these presidential colors :) Oh, and don't forget to catch Scandal on me, you will not be disappointed.

Happy Friday Luvs...Be Safe, Have Fun!

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