Monday, October 15, 2012

Sunday's Best Recap: OOTD

I love Sundays! They are a day when I get to go to the house of worship to fill up on my dose of spiritual food to keep me prepped for the week. I get to catch up on Revenge (one of my fav scripted dramas on TV besides Scandal of course), and it's also a day when I get the GREATEST naps lol. I don't know what it is, but Sunday afternoons, on my navy leather couch, with my baby blue blanket wrapped up as the TV watches me sleep in a quiet slumber are the absolute best! I know you are thinking, what does this have to do with fashion? Well, I'm getting to that lol! I am relocating to live with my husband (FINALLY after 4 long years of long distance). So I picked out my outfits for the next two weeks until I move (in the midst of me packing up my entire closet). Yesterday, I must say...I loved the outfit that I put together so much that it made me write a blog post for it. My style inspiration was definitely the talented and beautiful Janelle Monae. With her classic take on black and white, she inspired me to take on this timeless color duo not to mention her awesome pompadour hair style!

Janelle Monae is the newest edition of the Covergirl family! She looks absolutely breathtaking in this pic, simply gorgeous

Here is my take on the Janelle Monae's look of course with a little twist (I only wanted to be inspired not a photo copy)! Hope you like it.

Capped Sleeve Top: K&G
Faux Leather Skirt: H&M
Tights: Walmart
Jessica Simpson Patent Leather Pumps: TJ Maxx
Snake Skinned Jumbo Clutch: Target
White Feather Earrings: Charming Charlie
Michael Kors Watch: Macy's
Lipstick: Nars Mascate
Lip gloss: Mary Kay's Red Passion
Hair Style: Inspired by a Youtube Post by Tiarra Monet (if you are interested to see how the style is achieved I will put the link to the video below)

These pieces all work well together. But the awesome thing is that they work well as separates. Meaning I could pair the white shirt with jeans and riding boots. Or I could pair the leather skirt with a black ruffled top and faux fur vest. I could pair the clutch with a mustard colored sheath dress and some nude colored pumps. You get the picture. All I am saying is that these pieces create a smorgasbord of outfit opportunities. Which I can't wait to begin to explore.

All in all Sunday was a great day! Although I didn't take my ritual Sunday nap I was blessed at church with a wonderful service and message, had good food and conversation with friends, I Face Timed my hubby, and was able to do it all while looking my best :)  Can't ask for a better day!

*If you want to achieve the faux pompadour look with your box braids check out this link:

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