Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Crushing on Velvet

There are so many rich textures and colors that appear onto the scene during the Fall transition. Leather, lace, fur, tweed, and many other rich fabrics captivate our attention during the Fall season. One underrated fabric choice that is making a comeback this Fall season is VELVET!

Channel your inner 90s diva, "As If," *in my Dionne voice from Clueless* and pull out your favorite (crush) velvet dress, shorts, or creepers.

Check out how Dionne played by Stacey Dash (from Clueless) rocked an oxblood velvet dress with a white collared shirt, thigh high socks back then and how Katy Perry replicated a blast from the past with a modern twist in her burgundy velvet number.

Crushed Velvet Mini Dresses, Backpack Purses, and Chunky Boots: "Oh How I Miss the 90s"

If you don't want to look like a "Clueless" extra here are some ways you can incorporate velvet into your wardrobe in the new millennium. Velvet accessories, trousers, coats, or even loafers can be spotted all around this season.

Crushing on Velvet

Crushing on Velvet by alifashionsense featuring black flats

Are you crushing on velvet? What velvet items would you wear? Confess your crush in the comments below. 

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