Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Varsity Blues

As I peruse different fashion sites and search different clothing stores I've noticed more sporty looks popping onto the scene. As the cool winds take over the atmosphere its time more than ever to get cozy and bundled up. So why not do it in style? Grab a varsity jacket and get inducted into the Dream Team of style. Whether you're heading to a sporting event or on a date a varsity jacket can lighten the mood and keep you sporty - chic :)

The whole point of being sporty - chic is that you get to take tougher, sporty inspired pieces and make them chic. Here's a way to hit a home room in the looks department by taking a simple varsity jacket and dressing it down for a fun day at the ball park or at any arena.

Just because you want a sporty element doesn't mean you can't dress up the look. Grab a varsity jacket and throw on your favorite dress or pencil skirt and pair it with your sexiest heels to spice up the look and make it dressy enough for a date night. You will be sure to get "cool points" from your significant other because you are rocking a sporty inspired ensemble.

Varsity Blues with Pink Hues

So as you can see it's easy to get the blues. The varsity blues that is. Check out stores like Forever 21,, Target, and Topshop to find inexpensive varsity jackets for your sporty fall looks. Or dust off your high school varsity jacket and rock it with pride :)

Happy Hump Day luvs!


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