Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pretty 'N' Pink

This past Sunday, it was "Pink Sunday" at our church in honor of "Breast Cancer Awareness" month! It was such an inspiration to see a sea of blush, raspberry, fuchsia, hot pink, and an array of other pink hues as I looked out into the congregation. Even the men were "tough guys" and wore pink in celebration of the strong women who have overcome the battle of such a crippling disease. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness I thought I would show my support by rocking my pink as well.

Pink is one of my favorite colors. I'm such a girly girl, so it fits! I chose to take two hues of pink and color block them to create my look for Pink Sunday.

The Details
:: Pink Blazer: H&M::
:: Coral Baby Doll Dress: H&M::
:: Nude Pumps: Forever 21::
:: Feather Earrings: Charlotte Russe::
:: Pop Phone: Online Boutique::


Pretty 'N' Pink

Hey y'all 

Posing in the streets

Fresh Flowers

Don't forget to do monthly self breast exams to ensure you don't have any lumps in your breasts. If you do, go to your doctor immediately. We can preserve our lives if we are able to detect cancer early enough to nip in the bud! So, don't wait until it's too late. Get tested today.

Happy Hump Day!



  1. Ooooh I like the pink combo !!! SN: I've been fighting the purchase of the old school headset for my phone. You are tempting me...

    1. Thanks Kita! Not saying get a old school headset but....GET IT! lol It's something different. I like it.