Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Gladiator In Pink

Last Saturday was all about making the best of a cool, crisp, Autumn day. The temperatures in Georgia have literally been like a roller coaster. 75 today, 45 tomorrow. The constant changes of cool to warm are definitely hard to keep up with especially when you're trying to dress warm enough while still putting your best foot forward. I knew I didn't have much on my agenda besides working on my presentations for my last day of school for the semester (which was Monday). So, I grabbed the simplest, most classic items a girl has in her closet to create this Gladiator (Scandal Reference) Off - Duty. A white simple tee, skinny denim jeans, chocolate riding boots, animal print scarf, and my blush pink overcoat that I nicknamed "Liv" since it reminds me of Olivia Pope. Ok the coat is not really nicknamed Liv but can you tell I'm a huge Scandal fan?

Outfit Details: Coat (H&M), Scarf (Charlotte Russe), White Tee (, 
Skinny Jeans (Forever 21+), Riding Boots (Forever 21)

The only thing this photo shoot was missing was a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows of course to fight off the frigid air! I had a blast during this shoot, as I was serving Gladiator realness in my blush pink coat. P.S Scandal please hurry back, I miss the Thursday night drama lol. What is your go - to coat for the Fall/Winter Season? Is it a cape? Trench? Duster? Let me know in the comment section below.

Happy Hump Day



  1. Love the coat! I'm missing scandal too lol

    1. Thanks Fredetta :) #Scandalwithdrawals I hope Jan 29 comes quickly lol!

  2. Hey Doll. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. That coat though!

    1. Why thank you my dear. My thanksgiving was great. I hope yours was awesome as well :)