Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dream Chasers

From time to time, I will do a post that has absolutely nothing to do with fashion. Today, is one of those days. I was on Instagram today, when I saw a flyer from another blogger (Mia - check her out, she's awesome) which I follow who is hosting an event later this month at the "The Socialite Beauty Bar by Arian Simone". I hadn't heard of this place so I googled it! While browsing the well put together website I stumbled across this jewel, which has motivated me today. The video is of Arian Simone (a native Detroiter and a fellow FAMU Rattler) who is the creator of Fearless Magazine, a Celebrity Publicist, and the owner of The Socialite Beauty Bar. She's an amazing woman with a more amazing story. Check it out below :)


I got a few nuggets from watching this video. 1.) Never let ANYTHING or ANYONE stop you from accomplishing your goals/dreams. 2.) Make sure you have a GOAL or PLAN (A, B, C....however many it takes to get you to the finish line) in mind! 3.) Always be PREPARED, you never know when your experiences will meet opportunity. 4.) Last but not least, always remember that GOD is the highest source. He can provide even when you can't see where the resources are coming from. Be sure to include Him in your plans!!!!

This video has really got my wheels turning, and my fuel ignited. I hope it has had the same affect on you. I bought a journal about a week ago to track my progress with my goals and aspirations. I am keeping this journal to motivate myself. I encourage you to do the same, so when you do accomplish what you set out to do, you can use your journal as a reminder of where you came from. There are no excuses.
Dream BIG. Dream HARD. Make your Dreams a REALITY!!!

Here's a snapshot out of my journal. Here is a rough draft of my SHORT-TERM Goals!

Here are a few of my LONG-TERM Goals that I will accomplish!!!! #Determined

I'm going to get off my soap box (lol) but before I go, I want to share this verse I found with you  as a nugget to tuck away for safe keeps.

HABAKKUK 2:2: "Then the Lord answered me and said, "Record the vision and inscribe it on tablets, that the one who reads it may run!"

In essence all this verse is saying is write down your vision. Make it plain. And go and accomplish what you set out to do! So I urge all of my Fashion Sensers to follow your dreams. Do what it is that makes you happy and what you have a passion for, and I will meet you at the top :) I'm going to leave you with this song...Mary Mary's new single Go Get It. Listen to the words and let it minister to you!

Blessings and Love,
Ali Ala


  1. I wrote down my plan a few years ago and I continue to go back and revamp. I am behind, but never surrendering. I have so many interest and because of that it is so possible to end up a jack of all trades master of none. So now I'm narrowing my vision. I can attest that writing things down and even making a vision board help. I'm with ya my sista !