Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fashion Senser Request - Plus Size Divas

I love all my Ali Fashion Sense readers! So when I get requests about new topics I jump right on it. One of my subscribers put in a request to do a post for my plus size divas. I absolutely loved the idea and think I am going to make it a reoccurring topic because I want to appeal to all my fashion senser's.

According to handy dandy Google the average size for an American woman is size 14. But in the modeling world a size 6 can be considered plus size! Something is NOT quite adding up with the fashion industry's view of a full figured woman and the real world. But, no matter if you are a size 2 or 22 every girl wants to look her best!!! Here are a few pearls of wisdom for all my plus size fashionista's to help you be your greatest you.

1. Always, always, always try things on (regardless of the size on the tag).  I am a firm believer of trying things on. The hanger does not do all garments justice!! Just because it looks crazy on the hanger, or too small don't count it out. It may become one of your favorite pieces.

2. If you don't succeed...try, try, again!!! Sometimes when you shop it can be victorious or defeating depending on the items you buy or those you leave on the rack. If you try something on and it doesn't work....that's ok. Don't lose hope, there is always that right item out there, you just have to have patience, be persistent, and keep a good attitude.

3. Wear the proper undergarments. I am a firm believer that what you wear underneath is just as important as what you wear on top. Especially when you are going to try on clothes. Bring your spanx and a good bra, so you can get the actual effect of how the garment will look on.

4. Love the skin you're in!!! You don't have to listen to those plus size critics who say you can only wear all black or oversized clothing to make you look good. Love and embrace your curves! Try the latest trends....color blocking, skinny jeans, sheer tops etc.

Here are some great websites to remember for all my curvaceous plus size divas.

Forever 21+
Sizes XL-3X

Asos Curve
Sizes 16 - 22

Monif C
Sizes 14 - 24

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  1. I love the tips you gave. These tips are not just for plus size but anysize can benefit from them. Good article. I can't wait to go shopping.