Friday, July 20, 2012

Gentlemen's Club: White Hot Attire

Summer  equates to sun, fun, beaches, BBQ's, lounging, road trips, cruises, and of course parties. Your calendar seems to pick up steam in the warm summer months of June, July, August, and the beginning of September. You try to pack as much adventure as possible into the swiftly passing 92 days. Trying to cease every moment of the warm goodness Mother Nature blesses us with for this short time frame, before you have to completely rearrange your closet from shorts, tank tops, and sandals to down coats, boots, and gloves.

We know summer and all the parties that follow are in full effect. It seems like every weekend you get at least a dozen invitations on Facebook, Twitter, or any other possible social media outlet you can imagine to attend. A big trend for summer is to throw an all white party! If you're like me, your first reaction (after you've decided you will attend is)..."what should I wear"??? Well, this post is here strictly for my fellas, who need a little inspiration after RSVP'ing to an all white affair.

I've created two looks that you can reference as a blueprint! The first look is more for a Day Party. Its very casual but still polished. The second look transitions from day to night and is for that gentlemen trying to expose his grown and sexy side. It offers a hint of sophistication and a dash of cool.


All White Everything, Day Party

White Polo: Ralph Lauren
White Man Newport Shorts: Hentsch
Bullet Fadora Hat: Quiksilver
Navy Canvas Boat Shoe: Ralph Lauren
Grey Aviators: Wolf Island
Men's G - Timeless Diamond Set Steel Watch: Gucci
Pacific Bracelet Pack: Asos
Silver Triple Cross Charm Brown Beaded Bracelet: Ettika
Big Pony #1 Cologne: Ralph Lauren


All White Swag
White Lightweight Linen Blazer: Forme D'Expression
White Double Pleat Trousers: Dolce & Gabbana
Thin White Slim Cotton T-Shirt: James Perse
White Soft Grain Leather Loafers: Gucci
Avionic Shades: Vans
Unisex Black Swarovski Crystal Macrame Bracelet: Bling Jewelry
Runway Chronograph Titanium Bracelet Watch: Michael Kors
Black Diamond Stud Earrings: Blue Nile
I Am King Cologne: Sean John
I sometimes use my husband as my muse unleashing my inner stylist. Here is an outfit I put together for an all white party we were attending.

White Linen Jacket: Kenneth Cole Reaction (Macy's)
Navy & White Striped Tee - Target
White Pants - Target
Aviator Shades: H&M

As you can see, it's fairly simple to come up with a pallet for a white party if you have an idea of the basics (you will need a top, bottoms, shoes, and accessories etc). And if you search hard enough you can find pieces within a decent price range to add to your ever growing closet. So go out and get WHITE HOT!


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