Thursday, July 26, 2012

#Throwback Thursday - Bamboo Door Knockers

Back in the late 80's when cassette tapes, walkmans, Yo MTV Raps, and break dancing was hot, emerged a quintessential phenonmenon for "around the way girls" all across America thanks to 2 rapping divas Salt-N-Pepa! You know that staple gold accessory that every fly chick had to add with her acid wash jeans and jacket, Neon Reeboks, oversized tee, and roped chain ....the Bamboo Door Knockers.

 These beauties hit the scene back around 1987 when the popularized "Push It" girls...Salt-N-Pepa rocked the mic. Their music got the party started and their fly "fashion sense" had girls recreating their looks from suburbia to the inner city!

Salt-N-Pepa and Spinderella servin' em with the leather jackets, spandex jumpsuits, boots, rope chains, and of course BAMBOO DOOR KNOCKERS
Bamboo Door Knockers weren't actually made out of bamboo but the patterns emulated the likeness of bamboo. The name door knockers was adopted because the earrings were large in size and mimicked the shape of an actual door knocker. The earrings came in numeous shapes and sizes ranging from squares, rectangles, triangles, and even circles.

As the saying goes, what goes around comes back around. That definitely rings true for fashion. One day you're in, the next day you're out *in my Project Runway Heidi Klum voice*. But these golden treasures have ressurfaced 2 decades later...receiving a major face lift. Now fashionistas are rocking door knockers covered in Swarovski crystals, Kente cloth, and much more. The shapes have morphed into hearts, and now you can even add words to your classic bamboo door knockers.


Before I let you go, check out LL Cool J's  "Around the Way Girl" where he gives a shoutout to regular girls rocking extensions and Bamboo (Door Knockers) Earrings at mark 0:22. This will definitely put you in a summer cookout vibe! I hope you have a great Thursday.

-Ali Ala

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