Friday, August 10, 2012

#BAD - Fan BingBing in Stephane Rolland Couture

Have you ever seen something so beautiful, so haute, so fab, that it's simply too much for you to describe with words!!! Well this post is dedicated to a dress that I saw on the Fashion Police (with crazy Joan Rivers) that left me absolutely speechless. So I just decided to dedicate this post to the Stephane Rolland wedding cape that Asian actress Fan BingBing wore in his Fall/Winter 2012 Paris Fashion Runway Show! Just take a peek at this beauty and tell me if your mouth doesn't hit the floor after witnessing such an amazing piece of art.

Just #BAD (Pose for the camera ma "Click, Click"

In awe...she is serving the kids

Fan BingBing pictured with the talented designer Stephane Rolland

Here is a small glimpse of Stephane Rolland's flawless collection...each piece is as equally stunning!

Just in case you still haven't had enough of these awesome designs...check out these couture pieces in all their glory on the runway! They are BAD to the bone!!!!

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