Thursday, August 23, 2012

#ThrowbackThursday - "His Clothes, Her Swag" - Tomboy Chic

Growing up, I had two older brothers. So naturally, I always wanted to do what they did...because I secretly looked up to them! I was always outside, playing with worms and catching frogs. Climbing trees and playing basketball. I got bit by the "tomboy" bug at an early age. Ironically, I hated shopping, dresses, getting my hair done...and all things that screamed "girly girl!" Who would have imagined the self proclaimed tomboy would grow up with a fashion blog, loving to dress up and SHOP?  Definitely NOT me!

In ode to my tomboy beginnings I wanted to dedicate todays #ThrowbackThursday post to one of my fav tomboy's who exuded sexiness without bearing it all and brought you Timberland and Missy laced bangers like "One in a Million," "Try Again," and "Are You That Somebody." You know who I'm talking about, none other than our angel Ms. Aaliyah :)

Aaliyah in her oversized sweatpants and hoodie

I love this picture because her clothes look so rugged, but she still has the essence of a confident woman

Aaliyah's signature swoop bang over one eye,  bare midriff and baggy clothes

Rocking the Tommy Hilfiger classics, definitely a throwback 

Here are some of my other fav 90s girl groups that exuded girl power  all while sporting their tomboy chic looks! SN: I really miss the 90s R&B groups of old (both male and female). Its when people actually had talent and didn't have to get naked or use auto-tune to distract the public from the fact that really don't have talent  or musical substance like many artists do today to keep relevant. But, I digress. 

TLC in their primary color overalls. They were definitely an awesome girl group for sure.

TLC rocking the Cross Colors (a designer throwback)

What you know about Sisters With Voices aka their sneakers and baggy denim

How about Bad Boy's main misses Kima, Keisha, and Pam which made up the group Total
They are rocking leather and tank tops with some ice around their necks

Ok, I know y'all remember our girls...Xscape
The ATL ladies are repping ties and white suits...still serving the kids

Tomboy chic has since then been revamped to fit todays style checklist. Sometimes you just don't feel like putting on heels and dresses...and that is perfectly ok. That doesn't mean you still can't look fabulous in the process! Here are a few of my fav girls who have the essence of tomboy chic: Teyana Taylor (Harlem Socialite, Music Artist, and Actress), Vashtie (first female designer of Air Jordans, photographer, director), Tracee Ellis Ross (Actress), and our fav bad girl/pop princess Rihanna.

Teyana Taylor with her signature curly mane,jeans and a hoodie with the J's on her feet

Still a chill mood, mesh see through leggings with an oversized tee, snapback, and kicks

Animal print tank, with adidas skinny track pants, and sneakers...very chill yet still cute

This pic shows how to pull off just a t-shirt and jeans...thats should be a go-to outfit in any woman's closet

Oversized Military Jacket, Leggings, and Sports Bra with Gold Chain and Snapback...I especially love the bold red lip to help ramp up the glam

Vashtie Kola in chill mode with her Big Sean "Finally Famous" tank

Vashtie capturing her inner "around the way girl" with her sucker, hoop earrings and Chicago Bulls starter jacket 

Vashtie added some girly floral leggings, with a black hooded varsity jacket, and the Jordan's that she designed (how dope is that?)

Rihanna in her B-boy stance with her Radarte Sweatshirt and camouflage hat

Rihanna's Shoe sweatshirt is very clever, and she paired it with the leopard high tops for that added edgy Rihanna signature

Tracee Ross is giving me life in this pic even though she is keeping it simple...I love a girl that can pull off sneakers and still look fierce

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