Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Eyes Are Playing Tricks On Me!

Some days you may glance at yourself in the mirror and think..."I could stand to lose a couple pounds," or "do I look fat in this?" Even though we all may have our insecurities about our bodies there is one thing that is for certain! You are NOT alone. And you certainly are FABULOUS!!! But if you do have a moment when you are down, don't worry. I would like to believe that the designers have heard our cry and are working in our favor with this newest trend of Optical Illusions. These garbs will help you shed pounds instantly while giving you those coke bottle curves you've always wanted.

This trend is not limited to dresses it also comes in the form of pants! Here are a few examples.

As you can see this style creates dimension, shape, and even gives the "optical illusion" that you have curves in all the right places.


  1. Love love love!!! This gives me some great ideas for some new fits! Question... now I know Neon is Hot to wear in the summer how about the fall???

  2. @Britinee, I just did a post on Neon! You can definitely wear neon in the fall! I would suggest pairing it with some type of neutral to balance out the bright neon. For example, if you wear a neon green skirt you can pair it with a black long sleeve v neck tee, black tights, and black booties. Then you can accessorize with your fav jewelry. For more ideas check out my post Neon Love :) *Hope this helps*