Saturday, August 4, 2012

Date Night

Disclaimer: After working on a new post for over an hour bright and early this morning, I just accidentally erased the post (with NO way to retrieve it). So as I type this blog post for the second time, I am not in the BEST of moods. But nonetheless I will press on.

 Over the past week I've had a bit of a writer's slump. I haven't been able to fully recover from the 6 hour drive that I took at 1:45am Monday morning to travel back to Peoria from Michigan to head straight into work. Plus its been late nights and early mornings since the first week of the Olympics has gone underway. But even with all the distractions I've been getting a continuous stream of post requests from my Ali's Fashion Sense "subies" (keep em' coming). So as I overcome my acute case of writer's block I want to give my followers ideas that fit your everyday fashion needs. Today's post will give you ideas about what to wear on a Date Night!

A close friend of mine recently told me she was going to go on a date (the date was actually yesterday, I am going to have to call her to see how it went). She asked me "what is the proper date attire if you are going to have dinner at an upscale restaurant?" When going on a date whether it's a blind date set up by your friends, your weekly date night with the hubby, or just a night out on the town with a group of your favorite couples...the first rule of thumb (before you even think about getting dressed) is to exude CONFIDENCE. There are some other basics that you must remember (I'm sure you all know these but just in case you don't here they are):

  • Make sure you are so fresh and so clean (clean) - Be sure to shower, and make sure you add a sweet little fragrance to keep your dates senses intrigued
  • Bring a beautiful smile - Make sure you brush and floss, and remember to always carry some breath mints or never know if your date may swoop in for the end of the night kiss and I would hate for you to have tart breath
  • Be sure your coif is neatly styled - Whether you rock rough and tough with your Afro [puffs] or you rock it straight make sure your hair is neatly in it's place
Now that we've covered the basics here are a few outfit ideas for possible date night scenarios:


Date Night
This fab look starts with a LBD (little black dress), a nice leather jacket, printed clutch, bold shoe, and a host of gold jewelry (gold watch, necklace, studs, and turquoise and gold cocktail ring) to round out the look


A Night at the Movies
Casual chic: the foundation is a pair of dark wash jeans, cream boyfriend blazer, floral top, nude pumps, light nail polish, and gold jewelry (love necklace and gold hoops)


Out & About
Out and about: perfect for a daytime date full of adventure, foundation bright colored shorts, basic tee, embellished flats, dope shades, and some arm candy and spiked earrings for extra flare


A Day at the Beach
The beach is very relaxing so you want your clothing choice to mimic the mood: for this look you can choose your favorite maxi, a denim jacket, straw fedora, wedges (or you can choose cute sandals) gold accessories, and a cute beach bag (don't forget your towel, sunscreen, lip balm, music, and snacks)

You don't have to follow the outfits verbatim, but this is just to serve as an inspiration board to help your wheels begin to turn in your mind for that perfect date look no matter where you are headed!!!

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  1. I love it... although it's a little late! lol I love the styles you picked out.