Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Embellished Collar

The embellished collar has been around for a while now. It's not really a new trend, but it is a great idea to play around with. You can find an array of ways to style this embellished treat. Buy just the collar already bedazzled and add it to your favorite collar-less shirt (almost like a bib necklace) or take an old collared button up or any shirt with a plain collar and embellish your own collar with anything from buttons, earrings (you've lost the match to), and even beads, rhinestones, or pearls. The choice is yours! And it is endless.

There are all types of DIY embellished collar instructions floating around Google and YouTube, so if you want to try a new fashion project get your sewing kit, jewelry glue, and some beads/pearls etc. and make your own!!!



Trench coat with embellished collar and shoulder detail

Black wrap dress with embellished collar (could be paired with flats or pumps)

Long sleeve lace dress with embellished collar

Sheer black button up with embellished collar

Black and white sleeveless button up with embellished collar (could be paired with a cropped leather jacket, skinny jeans, and pumps to achieve an edgy sophisticated look)

Camel colored cardigan with embellished collar (pair with dress with full skirt and flats)

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  1. I absolutely love that this trend can range from a night out on the town to office. As a public speaker I love love love the last imagae (tan sweater with awesome collar). Let me know if you ever need a guest blogger for a kid's fashion trend. My daughter is always in style too. Thanks for the tips!