Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Denim Daze

Denim has been around since the 1800s. It is one of the most durable, versatile, easy going fabrics you can wear. The most exciting thing about denim is how you can style it. From rocker chic to preppy sleek. Denim can always up the ante while giving you that effortless amount of coolness.

Denim is like that comfort food (you know like: macaroni and cheese or ice cream) that you run to when you want a familiar feeling. You can always go to your closet and count on your favorite jeans to get the job done. Or pull out your throwback vintage Levi denim jacket to put over a show stopping one piece number.

Whatever the case, denim will always be around. It may reinvent itself, but it will always be that staple that you can rely on. Like your best friend you call at 4am for relationship advice. Here are a few "must have" denim pieces you should have in your closet.

1. Classic Dark Wash Jeans
Classic pair of Dark Wash denim,  Levi has a great line called Curve ID that appeals to all body shapes and types

2. Denim Button Up
A denim button up is super versatile, you can pair it with just a pair of jeans (FYI: they don't have to be the same color denim), or under a colored cardigan with a maxi skirt, the possibilities are endless

3. Jean Jacket

A jean jacket is an absolute must have! You can wear it to work, or for play. You can dress it up or dress it down. I love this particular jacket pictured above because of the silhouette and of course the spikey shoulder detail :)

4. Denim Vest

A denim vest is not necessary but it's definitely fun to have to throw on when it's least expected. Again this particular vest gives you an added bonus with the stone wash effect and the studded one shoulder pattern

4. White Denim

White denim can be very sleek if pulled off correctly, you can go monochromatic and wear all white or you can add a splash of color to give you that Miami vice feel

5. Denim with a twist

These tye dye shorts caught my eye...believe it or not you can dress it up with a white button up and cute sandals for a fun polished look

These tye dye pants are incredible, they give you an edgier look...especially if you pair it with a cropped leather jacket, flowy top, and cute heels

Distressed careful with this can look trashy if you're not cautious

Denim romper, need I say more (Random Fact: I LOVE One pieces -rompers, jumpsuits etc.)

Classic jean jacket with a slight twist....leather sleeves perfect item to help you transition into Fall

Cropped denim shirt, pair this with a bright colored flowing maxi skirt and sandals and you'll have yourself a winner

Denim studded pumps

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