Monday, August 20, 2012

Fall 2012 Nail Polish Trends

Let me first apologize for not posting a blog on Friday. I was in an airport headed to the rough Buff (aka Buffalo, NY) to witness my dear friend/sister Nina take her vows with her prince charming Otu! The wedding was absolutely gorgeous, as was her beautiful Vera Wang dress. I will give you a sneak peak of the couple...

Aren't they just perfect for each other? I think so too :) congrats Mr. & Mrs. Obot

Ok, so lets get down to business and discuss Fall once again (I think I might be slightly obsessed with all the new Fall trends I must try)!!! Today we will review the newest fall, nail trends. Nail polish has become one of fashion's ultimate accessories. Therefore it is imperative to always have a great manicure. Check out Ulta, Sephora, or your local drugstore for these nail polish goodies :)

Fall always brings deep, dark, rich colors. This Fall is no different. However, they do replace black with dark purples, reds, and even greens.

Essie's "Devil's Advocate" - Deeply devilish dark purple polish

Essie's "Skirting the Issue" - Exquisite fashionable burgundy wine polish

Essie's "Stylenomics" - Opulent dark money green

China Glaze's Safari Collection "Exotic Encounters" - dark teal

China Glaze's Safari Collection "Desert Sun" - Deep mustard yellow

Pale nudes always have their place no matter what season.

Essie's "Blanc" - Snowy white nail polish

China Glaze's Safari Collection "Kalahari Kiss" - Khaki/pale nail polish

China Glaze's  Safari Collection "Elephant Walk" - Gray nail polish

Metallic clothing along with polish has found its way in this Fall's lineup.

Essie's "No Place Like Chrome" - Silver metallic polish

China Glaze's Safari Collection "I Herd That" - Gold metallic polish

So, will you be trying one of these colors at your next manicure appointment? If you need a reminder, please come back and check out this Fall Nail Review again :)

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