Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Walk On The Wild Side - Tackling Wearing Animal Prints Sucessfully

Animal prints have become a Fall/Winter fashion staple. Allowing fashionista's to take a "walk on the wild side" each season. More fashion lovers are beginning to let their inner animals reflect in zebra, leopard, tiger, and even dalmatian print garb. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to help you rock animal prints tastefully!!!

1. Accessorize
If you are afraid to dive head first into the wild, start with animal print accessories.  Accessories range from ballet flats to scarves to purses. There are even animal print nail accessories. The options are endless. By using animal print only to accessorize it allows you to incorporate animal print without taking a huge risk.

Leopard Print Heart Shaped Guess Watch

Leopard and Zebra print mixed scarf

Leopard Faux Tie Up Peep Toe Bootie from Forever 21

Christian Louboutin Leopard Bow Clutch

Wild and Crazy colorful Leopard/Zebra nail art

2. Do NOT mix and match
It is a tough feat to pull off animal print, let alone animal print from head to toe. So, if you are going to wear a leopard print dress, leave your leopard print pumps, bracelet, watch, nails, and scarf caged up for a rainy day. Being matchy matchy from head to toe is a definite rule violation. It can make the outfit look cheap and borderline tacky if you are not ever so careful! So, leave the matchy matchy prints and mix match animal prints (think zebra with leopard) to the avant garde designers and runway models.


Nicki Minaj sporting a whole leopard pack with this distasteful get up ....WAY TOO MUCH GOING ON WITH THIS OUTFIT (this is when matchy matchy goes rye)


Here the leopard print skirt is the focal point of the outfit, but it doesn't over power the other clean structured garments (the white blazer and white button up, and the peep toe black booties)

This button up adds small animal print details on the cuffs of the sleeves as well as the neckline which can be tied in a bow. Notice the colored jeans add a new element to the already polished outfit

3. Play up prints with color
Animal prints are fun to explore the depths within your wardrobe. So you don't have to confine yourself to sticking to the traditional leopard print in black, brown and tan. Explore animal prints in different colors. Or add a pop of color with your prints. Here a guideline to help you go further outside the box.

If you wear leopard print try matching it with: red, yellow, blue, pink, or gray etc.
If you wear zebra print try matching it with: jewel tones (turquoise, greens, ruby red, yellow), tan etc.

I love this combination because it mixes a leopard print with a bold red skirt, and even adds another print on top (in the form of a trench coat) but the colors and prints compliment each other perfectly to give you a nice blend of pizazz and sophistication

This leopard printed skirt adds an element of surprise with the pink and red undertones versus the tradition black, brown, and tan

These leggings can be really cool if styled correctly. I would combine them with a cute black ballet flat, and oversized black tee and a boyfriend blazer for a relaxed casual fit

These color blocked sandals are amazing as they pair two deep jewel tones (blue and green) with a leopard print heel. How genius is that

4. Don't make animal prints too "sexy"
"I'm sexy and I know it!" It's perfectly fine to feel sexy and to tap your feet when this LMFAO song comes on but when wearing animal print be sure to keep your inner cougar refined. Animal print adds a mystery and sexiness to any outfit without trying. So you want to be sure you play up the sophistication and demolish the overly sexy vibe that animal prints can give off if not done correctly. Be sure to try to stay away from animal print in these types of fabrics: lace or satin. Also be aware NOT to show too much cleavage when sporting animal print too avoid the cliche' cheap and sleazy look. Also be mindful as to how you style your hair and the makeup you choose to wear when wearing animal prints so you can look ladylike not like a lady of the night. When wearing animal print the key word to keep in mind is BALANCE!!! If you are wearing an animal print dress, think understated by pairing it with a neutral pump, and maybe a bold color accessory.

I love how Amber Riley's leopard print dress is in black and white and adds a pop of periwinkle for the extra dash of va-va- voom! Plus the dress fits her and hugs her curves in all the right places

J - Hud looks stunning in this leopard print wrap dress. She keeps her pumps and makeup very understated

Sanaa Lathan's lavender leopard print dress is awesome. It again pairs the classic print in a different color which gives wearing this classic animal print dress a nice twist

Thandie Newton plays up her leopard print top by mixing it with an interesting pattern AND by adding small pops of colors which all compliment each other to make a fab outfit choice

Queen B (while she was preggo with Blue Ivy) slays in this simple yet casual chic get up. She is sporting a red blazer, white button up, dark denim, dope ice skater boots, and a leopard print scarf (way to accessorize B)

Mary J worked with an all white canvas and added her leopard booties for a little extra punch

Lalah Hathaway sported this hot pink wrap dress and paired it with some animal print pumps. I would just say again be mindful of how the top is cut so you don't look distasteful

Beyonce rocking a loose animal printed shirt, with black skinny jeans, some fierce ankle boots, and a pop of color with her handbag
If you still want to show off your animal instinct but don't want to rock animal print, prowl into Forever 21's cool and affordable take on the Givenchy's Rottweiler (animal face) tee's. It will be sure to pull out your your wild side! Remember it's a jungle out here :)


Teyana Taylor and Pink rocking Givenchy's Rottweiler Tee (which has a price tag well over $300). Teyana paired hers with a leopard print works but just be careful not to go OVER BOARD with the prints


Mesmerizing Wolf Tee from Forever 21 - $15.90

Oversized Galatic Tiger Tee  from Forever 21 - $15.80

Relaxed Jaguar Tee from Forever 21 - $15.80

Sleeveless Roaring Tiger Tee from Forever 21 - $16.90

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