Thursday, September 13, 2012

Style Inspiration #2 - Angela Simmons: Designer, Business Woman, Socialite

Who is she? Angela Simmons is the 2nd daughter of Joseph Simmons (aka Rev Run from the 80s Rap Trio Run DMC). She was introduced to the world on the MTV hit show Run's House which allowed her to grow up in front of our eyes from an awkward teenager to a fierce business woman!

What does she do? Although Angela has the huge family name to back her up (think RUN DMC's Rev Run as her father, mogul of Phat Farm and Global Grind Russel Simmons as her uncle, and the fab Kimora Lee Simmons as her aunt, Vanessa Simmons her older sister who acts, and also her lil' bro Diggy Simmons who is taking the rap game by storm ) she has also been a hustler, willing to work hard. Her resume is super impressive and her spirit is uncanny.  She has taken the fashion world by storm co-founding the urban chic sneaker line Pastry's. She has worked as an Associate Editor for Hype Hair, along as the Executive Editor for an insert in the Word Up! Magazine called "Angela's Rundown". She also has a foundation in fashion as she attended the Fashion Institute of Technology. Currently she is still running things over at Pastry and the new spokeswoman for Indique Hair Extensions. Angela is busy to say the least *cues Ace Hood's Hustle, Hustle, Hustle Hard song*

Why is Angela featured as a style inspiration on Ali's Fashion Sense? Angela is a style inspiration because she is young, fearless, innovative, and she has a sweet spirit. It's hard to believe all that Angela has accomplished in her short 25 years. I have truly seen her blossom over the course of her years spent on TV. I look to her as inspiration to follow my fashion aspirations :) Plus she has a unique sense of style and always mixes and matches different elements to give her the perfect edgy - girly mix! I love it!

Where can I spot Angela? Angela is no longer on TV but I'm sure you can catch reruns online somewhere (try,, Netflix etc) of old Run's House or Daddy's Girls (a show which also aired on MTV showcasing the life of her and her older sister Vanessa Simmons daily struggles of running a business, friendships, relationships etc.) episodes. She's always popping up on blogs because of her keen since of style so you can use mighty Google to research her more if you're interested!

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