Thursday, September 27, 2012

Walk On The "Tight" Rope

Fall is in full swing. As it gets colder and you add more layers don't forget to bring out the tights! Yep, you read that right...tights. The ones your mom used to put you in for church or your school pictures, those tights. But we're not going to be discussing the mundane black or nude tights. How about adding some color in your life!

Here are some examples of how to adopt color tights in your wardrobe without being overwhelmed.

Monochromatic simply means you are wearing the same color from head to toe. You can wear tear a page from these looks to below to add monochromatic tights on your to - do - list. 

In the looks below I used the same purple tights to show you the versatility of colored tights. You can wear the red and black color block dress with the purple tights and black suede booties to add an eye popping contrast. Or you could pair the LBD with the purple tights and purple wedges for a pop of color. Lastly, you could wear a patterned dress with purple tights and colored shoes. It doesn't really matter. Play around with it. Have fun! Fashion doesn't always have to be so serious.

This look shows you how you can be intentionally matchy matchy. The model is wearing a blue dress with wine colored blue polka dot tights. I think the polka dots spruce up the outfit in a kooky yet sophistocated way, without looking clownish.

As you can see from this post tights come in a range of colors and patterns. Your options are endless. Still not convinced? Check out the tights below (gray, olive green, orange, raspberry, yellow, tuxedo stripe, floral, ombre, opaque striped tights, garter tights etc.) to step up your leg accessory game.

*Cue Janelle Monae* Are you ready to walk on the tight rope?

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  1. You are genius girl! My DC friends were just talking about tights this morning. I am ready. And I learned a new word... MONOCHROMATIC!