Monday, September 17, 2012

Outfits of the Week (OOTW) - A Glimpse Into My Worklife Wear

So I rarely showcase what I am wearing throughout the week partially because I don't have a photographer to take the pictures for me (and I don't want to have the same pose each time in the bathroom mirror lol). But this week, I wanted to give a recap of the outfits that I wore last week to church, to work, and throughout the weekend, so you can get a glimpse of my fashion sense. One thing about me, I don't like to be so...conventional when it comes to what to wear to work (or any other place for that matter). Although, I am an engineer and I work with tractors (in directly) I still like to bring my girly flare into the workplace. FYI: I will be doing a post about 9 to 5 chicness (sprucing up your work wardrobe) later on this week, so be on the lookout. So I don't want to come to work in just a pair of khakis and a button up polo (although, if that's what you wear to work there is nothing wrong with that). Here is a tiny glimpse of what I typically wear throughout the week!

Sunday - September 9, 2012
This look is very casual. My church doesn't require you to dress up so I just threw this on because I liked the color combination and the contrast between the florals, the mint jacket, and the chocolate brown.

  • Mint Green Blazer - Forever 21
  • Floral Jeans - Charlotte Russe
  • Brown Tank - Unknown
  • Gladiator Sandals - DSW
  • Louis Vuitton Bag - Gift
  • Fedora (not shown in first picture) - Target
  • Michael Kor's Watch - Macy's
  • Earring - Forever 21
  • Heart Charm Bracelet - Mall Kiosk

Clothing Collage created in Touch Closet App on my iPhone

Another view of the entire outfit

Up close and personal...I love the color of this blazer

Bathroom Shot (I told you guys I need a photographer ASAP)

Full body length of the entire outfit put together

Just me....attempted to do a summer glow face 

Monday - September 10, 2012
This look is a definite contrast to the floral printed pants I wore the day before. It is much more dark almost vampy yet still polished enough for work.

  • Blazer - Forever 21
  • Oxblood Red Blazer with Lace Detailing - Forever 21
  • Pin Stripped Trousers - H&M
  • Black Peep Toe Booties - Unknown
  • Silver Hobo - Gift
  • Michael Kor's Watch - Macy's
  • Silver Hoop Earrings - Charlotte Russe

Outfit Collage created using Touch Closet App

Full outfit

Close up on the details

Full shot of the entire outfit

Bottom half of the outfit

Used Dark Side Lipstick and Nightmoth Lip Liner to create this vampy makeup look

Me again

Another face shot

Tuesday - September 11, 2012
This look is fun and witty. Plus the orange and green blouse pays homage to my Alma Mater
Florida A&M University.

  • Burnt Orange Blazer - Forever 21
  • Orange & Green Blouse - Love Culture
  • Charcoal Colored Trousers - Charlotte Russe
  • Cognac Hobo Bag - Charming Charlie
  • Cognac Sandals - Unknown Boutique in Miami, FL
  • Gold Watch - Target
  • Lock & Keys Charm Necklace - Mall Kiosk
  • Aviator Shades - H&M

Touch Closet App Collage

Full Outfit

Up close view of the shirt, blazer, and necklace

Say Cheese

Full Body shot

Wednesday - September 12, 2012
This look is simple, yet sophisticated. I love ruffles so this black, long sleeve, sheer ruffled shirt paired with my fav blazer always makes a great foundation for an outfit.

  • Blazer - H&M
  • Ruffled Shirt - Burlington Coat Factory
  • Gray & Black Trousers - Charlotte Russe
  • Silver Hobo Purse - Gift
  • Black Flats - Target
  • Michael Kor's Watch - Macy's

Collage created with Touch Closet App

Entire outfit laid out


Face shot

Thursday - September 13, 2012
I just did a post recently "Walk on the wild side" about wearing animal prints successfully. Here is an example of how to wear animal print without taking it overboard. I love to pair this zebra printed sheath with my denim jacket to avoid look over dressed for work.

  • Denim Jacket - Forever 21
  • Zebra Printed Sheath - TJ Maxx
  • Black Flats - Target
  • Satchel - Gift
  • Silver Necklace - Forever 21
  • Michael Kor's Watch - Macy's
  • Diamond Studs - Gift

Entire Outfit laid out

Close up on the Zebra Printed dress

Bathroom shot (sorry for the quality of the picture)

Bathroom Shot sideways (sorry for the quality of the picture)

Friday - September 14, 2012 
This last outfit puts the casual in "Casual Friday." I love these denim jeans because they elongate my legs and make me look slimmer and taller. I like to call them my magic jeans :)

  • Boyfriend Blazer - Forever 21
  • Green & Black Belted Blouse - Forever 21
  • Denim Trousers - New York & Co.
  • Black Ankle Booties - DSW
  • Satchel - Gift
  • Studs - Forever 21
  • Junk Necklace - Mall Kiosk

Collage created in Touch Closet App

Entire Outfit

Close Details of the outfit

Me, Myself, & I

I tried something new with my hair, I liked how it turned out

So as you can see, my style varies throughout the week. I don't really have a specific style, but I do like to play with patterns, shapes, colors, and push the envelope a little bit when it comes to the standard 9 to 5 gear. Hopefully, if you've gotten in a little rut when dressing for work this post will inspire you to think outside the box and be a little more daring!!!

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