Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Online Shopping 101

Shopping gives me energy! It stirs my creativity and allows me to play stylist for myself or others. In plain English, I just love to shop :) I like malls, consignment shops, boutiques and everything in between. But, sometimes, I don't necessarily feel like getting out in the hustle and bustle that comes along with a visit to the mall. Leaving your place of residence, utilizing gas, driving miles only to drive into a parking lot where hundreds of patrons have gathered, and then to maneuver around droves of people in the the place I like to call my second home, the mall. It can be stressful, if you don't mentally prepare yourself!  You may also find yourself in my predicament, where you would love to go to the mall, but the selection of stores don't coincide with the caliber of things you WANT let alone the things you NEED.

There is a solution to all your mall problems, it's called ONLINE SHOPPING! Online shopping has been around for a while now. But some people are still a little hesitant when virtually shopping. The thing I like most about online shopping is how you can find such treasures that you may not see in the stores!!! I've found some amazing pieces online shopping. So I hope this post will ease the fear of online shopping and help create a sense of confidence in your abilities behind the computer screen. I will give you a few tips to help make your online shopping experience a little easier.

1. Make sure the site is credible.
If you feel sketchy about a site, in the words of Jay-Z "on to the next one." Online shopping is cool to do but you must practice SAFE online shopping habits. Make sure it has a secure space since you will be providing your credit card information. FYI: when you see https before a website name, the s stands for secure!

2. Read the reviews.
Reading is fundamental. If you are contemplating snagging an item online read the reviews. They usually come from customers who previously purchased the item, so they can offer you an unbiased opinion based on their experience with the item (versus the company/person trying to sell you the item). I always try to read the reviews (or even offer reviews once I purchase an item) and factor them into other variables such as price point, shipping cost, how the item will fit etc. to help make my FINAL DECISION.

I just ordered these shoes today. They were on sale for $25 plus I found a 20% off coupon, so they came out to be $20. I went shopping this past weekend and saw shoes similar for $50 and up. See, it pays to shop online for some things!

3. Know your body!!!
I usually shop online at stores where I have good idea of how the clothes fit. For example, I know that I usually don't do well with Forever 21 jeans or any jeans for that matter without trying them on because of my curvy shape, so I would definitely be reluctant with ordering jeans. When you shop in the mall you should keep a mental note of how the stores clothing typically fits you. Again this is where reviews may come in handy. I know Aldo shoes tend to run a bit small, but clothing tends to be on the larger side so I would need to take that into account when ordering from these specific stores. You definitely have to use your own discretion.

4. Always, always, always look for coupon codes.
I have to totally thank my husband for putting me up on game! No matter if he's getting a Redbox DVD (which is only $1.20) or a new car he ALWAYS looks for coupon codes online. I used to tease him and say he was very frugal, but now it has clearly rubbed off on me!  Even if you don't find one, always look for a coupon before making an online purchase. You will be surprised what you will find. You may find codes for free shipping, buy one get one half off/free, or even 10, 15, 20, even 30% off. Even if it's just a dollar off your purchase, that's one more dollar you can keep in your pocket. The way I usually find codes is through Google. So if you are looking for a coupon code for ...let's say Bakers Shoes you should Google "Bakers Shoes coupon codes 2012" and explore what pops up.  Like I said before, you may come up with nothing and that's ok, but you HAVE TO AT LEAST TRY!

My last tidbit is to have fun, be patient and discover new things! Here are a few of my go to sites: - Forever 21 (you already know) - ASOS (cute clothing right on trend, that fit well) - Go Jane (Trendy clothing, shoes, and accessories at great price points) - Ebay (you can find musics, furniture, phone covers, clothing etc.) - Amazon (everything you need under the sun)


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  1. I am a sucka for online shopping !I'll post some sites when I go home. They are under my bookmarks as "online shopping".