Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fall Overhaul

Hello out there to all my Ali Fashion Sensers!!!! I hope you all enjoyed your day off yesterday as we celebrated the Labor Day holiday. I know, I needed that extra day to get a few things done. Over the weekend I met my parents, along with my aunt, and a couple cousins in Chicago (actually the outskirts of Chicago). Since we had a long weekend, it was nice to eat and hang out with the fam (it's always great to catch up with family). Besides, eating and catching up we did one of my fave things...went SHOPPING! I've been doing so many blogs about Fall fashion so, I was excited to see the trends I have been reporting about up close and in person. My trip to the mall DID NOT disappoint. I was able to snag a few things off my Fall Wishlist (I still have more to go, but it was a good starting point). Rather than just telling you about my cool finds, I decided to do another Video Blog about it. I want to apologize now, in some frames of the video, my head is cut off...but you get to see the articles of clothing that I purchased (that's all that matters right)? I'm still trying to get the hang of this video thing so bear with me :)

Here is a quick synopsis of all the pieces you saw in the video:

The "Dark Side" lipstick is from M.A.C - $15.00

The "Nightmoth" lip liner is from M.A.C - $15.00

The Mineralize Loose Powder (not shown in the video) is from M.A.C in "Deep Dark" - $30.00

The Sheer Abstract Circles Blouse is from Love Culture - $17.90

The Coated Colored Skinny Jeans (aka Faux Leather Jeans) are from Forever 21 - $27.80

The Lace Panel Button Up (in Oxblood Red/Burgundy) is from Forever 21 - $19.80

The Leather Patch Leggings are from H&M - $12.95 (Mine are Oxblood Red, not Black)

The Hot Kiss Ditsy Floral Skinny Jeans are from Charlotte Russe - $32.99 (Sorry I forgot to mention the price in the video, FYI: I absolutely HATE how Charlotte Russe styled the model in the pic below)

The Spiked Semi Sheer Jacket is from GoJane.com - $55.20

Hopefully this post gives you some inspiration as you begin shopping for Fall!!!!

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